Hook me up on my hardware

  1. Time for a vote...

    chocolate box birkin with what color hardware?:sweatdrop:

    Any reason why?:shrugs:

    Enjoy your weekend everyone!
  2. Rutherium hardware....coz my brown kelly has rutherium hardware and it looks gorgy...plus its not common...
  3. My first choice is gold.
    Reason: because I like it!
  4. Thank you both for your input!
  5. I love the visual of gold with brown, Kellybag.....
  6. Hi Kellybag!! Have we decided? Hmmmmmm...knowing you're a pearl girl...go with gold. Very classic.
  7. I vote for gold aswell!! I prefer g/h with brown.....especially Box.:yes:
  8. You made me lol lovehermes...I am almost there.

    I really appreciate everyone on the board for all your help and kind words. I laugh at myself...I can help everyone, but I struggle with my own decisions. It makes me me!
  9. gold
    stunning contrast!!!
    good luck, kellybag!!!!
  10. GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! YUMMMMM! It really turnes a chocolate box into chocolate without the high calories and the saturated fat!

    OMG! K, your gonna have a hot pot bag!!!
  11. FABULOUS with Gold! Gold on Chocolate, Noisette, Gold, Rouge H, Caramel just GLOWS!!!!
  12. Palladium!!! I love cool metals against brown.
  13. I'm easy - anything you can get lol! Do you wear gold jewelry?
  14. I'm with GT, I'd go for PH b/c I love seeing it against the warmth of browns (a la MrsS and PBCs), but if you prefer more classic and traditional, you can't go wrong with gold hardware.
  15. Gold :love: I loooove chocolate box with gold!!! So yummy! :amuse: