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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience taking Hoodia as a natural appetite supressant.I have seen alot of articles saying it works,so I'm curious.I am recently coming off a pretty nasty diet pill addiction,and I'm over the physical symptoms of not having them (massive headaches,NO energy,etc)but I am eating like a crazy person and have gained 5 lbs. since giving them up.:sick: I normally have no trouble managing my weight,but I am interested in Hoodia as a "helping hand".I absolutely refuse to gain back all the weight I've lost since having my son (which is about 80 lbs.)
  2. I haven't heard of it. What are the ingredients?

    Way back in the day I used diet pills alot, and I also used to get massive headaches when I stopped taking them. Ephedra gave me heart palpitations...it worked really well, but damn, my heart exploding just isn't worth it.
  3. yes hoodia works. I took it for the first few days when I did the Master Cleanse, and it really helped with my hunger pangs. I think its worth a try, as long as you find a good quality brand.
  4. My advice is not to take any diet pills, just do it naturally! seriously, you never know what those pills will do to you!
  5. My advice... stay clear of ALL diet pills or anything. Really dangergous, really really dangerous.
  6. I heard it being discussed by Dr. Roenberg on CNN or Fox news - I think he said it was an African herb of some type - he said it IS an appetite depressent but the amounts a person would have to take for it to really work make it useless. I guess it's just about what you believe and what you're willing to try. Companies will market the latest media craze whether it works or not since none of it is FDA approved.
  7. Don't take diet pills is my rule. It doesn't help in the long run of training you to really take care of your body. It's an entire lifestyle change, and pills won't do the trick.
  8. since you say you're coming off a diet pill addiction, i think it's probably important for your emotional state that you keep of the weight naturally. think about what you're eating - the amount of calories you spend on two cans of a regular soft drink are easily equivalent to a regular sandwich with cheese and mayo! make sure you get plenty of protein and fiber (which is found in fruits, vegetables, and whole wheat bread/pasta/etc) because that keeps you full longer than regular carbs, dairy, etc. drink plenty of water.

    it's COMPLETELY possible to control your weight doing things like that, and you have to realize that you are capable of whatever you want just like you are - you don't need a little pill to help you.
  9. Caligurl...how long did you do the master cleanse and how was it for you?
  10. I did the MC for 12 days. I've done it again since then for 5 days.

    Overall, it was a great experience. Sure there were some rough times where I was STARVING :wacko:, but I usually just chugged a bit of maple syrup and filled up on the lemonade and the hunger passed.

    Its really helped me in many ways. I live a totally different lifestyle now. I make better choices (food) and I dont have nearly as many stomach problems as I did before. I also lost 10 pounds. I truly recomend it to EVERYONE. There are soo many benefits to it. Check out Curezone.com I visited that site several times a day to help me get thru the cleanse. The member support is awesome!!
  11. wow master cleanse sounds really interesting!! thanks for the link!
  12. Thanks for all the replies.I actually eat very well,and pretty much always have.I don't have much of a sweet tooth and I actually do not even like chocolate.I'm not a big person by any means,but I am turning 30 and the flab is starting to rear (pun intended) it's ugly head.I think one of my biggest obstacles is making time for exercise.I used to do Pilates and Yoga 3-4 times a week and really loved it,but then fell into my usual routine of doing so much around the house and with the kids that I don't make time for myself.Now that the weather is nice,I want to start riding my bike.I'll let everyone know how it goes.Thanks for the support!
  13. i know this thread is from months ago, but just fyi...

    hoodia (also called hoodia gordonii) is a plant that grows in the kalahari desert in southern africa. african bushmen have used it for centuries to ward off hunger pangs on long hunting trips. i actually have been using a hoodia supplement called powerslim for 3 weeks and have already lost 5 pounds!

    i did a lot of research about hoodia before i started taking it. it's not a stimulant of any kind. it's simply a natural appetite suppressant that has done nothing to affect my blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. all it has helped me do is feel full while eating less and takes away the urge to snack in between meals.

    the only company that i came across in my research that uses genuine hoodia is hoodia products (Hoodia Products, LLC.). their product, powerslim, contains only hoodia...and they have the lab tests and results on their website to prove it! a lot of cheaper hoodia products don't contain 100% hoodia. some use stimulants in addition to hoodia to help achieve weight loss. powerslim has only hoodia to help control hunger...but you still have to work up the energy and motivation to eat right, exercise, and all that good stuff.

    haha i hope i'm not sounding like an infomerical! ;) i've just had really good results with powerslim and came across this thread today. i can keep you guys updated on my progress if anyone is interested!
  14. sorry to say I got the hoodia patches and I am pretty sure they were only a placebo thing. They were literally a sticky square you put on your arm.
  15. Actually I liked the hoodia patches. And I like hoodia XR at hoodiaxr.com too. I researched hoodia a lot, tried a few different brands and found that Hoodia XR gave the best bang for my buck. I usually use it around those two weeks before my period when I turn into a bottomless pit.

    What I like is that, although I still get hungry, there's definitely a bottom to that pit, and the pit is extremely shallow. So i don't need much to be satisfied.

    The main problem that scuppers all this, though, is the mental food addiction. Hoodia helps with the physical part, by reducing how much and how often you are physically hungry, but if you are mentally geared towards eating a lot of food, then you can eat through that physical limit. So, the mental part needs to be taken care of as well or else hoodia is useless.
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