Hoodia Lollipops?

  1. Hi. I was watching Extra tonight and they had a segment about Hoodia lollipops. They said that they have a dozen different flavors, that they taste yummy, and that you can literally eat your fat away! :amuse: Anyone heard anything about them or know where to get somes. TIA:flowers:

  2. sounds like bollocks to me...
  3. Somehow I doubt it could be true. However, people are so desperate to lose weight without making an effort that they'll buy. Like PT Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute." :P
  4. If it kept you from eating, wouldn't that just lower your metabolism... therefore making it easier for you to gain weight? Guess it depends on how much it supresses your appetite.
  5. Hmmm...sounds too good to be true. Of course I say this because I have purchased weight loss lip gloss (riighhhhtt), and many kinds of diet pills in an attempt to find the magic potion.

    I purchased Hoodia pills today, even. :huh: We'll see what they do. I know deep down, that watching what I eat and exercising are the only way to do it.

    I recently gained about 10 pounds & just found out I have hypothyroidism. I just started meds for it & the doc is optimistic that once we get the right dosage it will help me lose.
  6. I remember seeing on some major news program (can't remember which, but along the lines of Dateline or whatever) and one of the correspondants went to the country where the plant is and went on a day long hike with some bushmen or whatever. She ate a tiny bit of the plant and proclaimed she wasn't hungry for the rest of the day. Supposedly it makes you feel full. I have no idea if it actually works though.
  7. I'm sure that it is pure crap

    however a part of me wants to buy them and try on the hope and prayer that it really works
  8. I've only heard bad things about Hoodia. I'd rather do everything the 'hard' way instead of abusing my body with chemicals.
  9. Well, add me to the sucker list because I too, purchased the Hoodia. Mine is in liquid drop form. I've been adding it to my water. I'm still getting hungry tho. I spent $54 and feel like a jackass. I'm 10 pounds over my ideal weight, and thought this would help. NOPE. I may start weight watchers as that seems like a reasonable and safe way to diet.
  10. I take Hoodia pills and they are the perfect appetite suppressant. They don't make your heart rate or make you feel jittery, and they work! You have to be sure to get the right brand, though, because a lot of companies claiming to sell hoodia are selling useless junk. The ones that work are made from real plant extracts and not chemical imitations.
  11. What brand do you buy?
  12. Hoodia is a good appetite suppressent if you buy it in a pretty pure form. Some pills just have a little bit in it and do nothing. I personally think this whole diet fad thing is a total waste of money. People are just throwing their money away. There's no easy fix to weight loss, you just have to do it. It's sick when you think about how many chemicals we put in our bodies by taking pills, eating fast food, or soda. Yuck :yucky:
  13. nicole richie reportedly lost all her weight because of hoodia ... i say "reportedly" because a pal of hers told a British tabloid, so who knows if it's really true! ;)
  14. it was anne curry. (she's an alumni of my uni's journalism program so i follow her career.)

    i've used hoodia pills before. they do make you feel full and eat less...i can see how it'd be helpful in that first week or so of a diet when you're just SO hungry. but once you stop taking them you're hungry again...it gets expensive.
  15. I have been taking DEX-L10 Hoodia for 5 days and i can tell a noticeable difference in my appetite. I still get hungry, but i can eat less and feel satisfied. Also, it helps a lot in helping curb the junk food cravings. Most brands use diluted hoodia or from the wrong area of the plant. Btw, they are $40-$50 at drug stores, but i have seen them on ebay for $10-$15.

    ...if anyone is curious, i am new to the forum but am a regular on other fashion forums:smile: