Hooded leather jacket

  1. I am looking for a hooded leather jacket. I like the one by Mike & Chris but it is more than I want to spend. Last year, Old Navy had one for $149.00 and it went on clearance for $54.99 last January but I didn't buy it and I am kicking myself now. Do you know where I could get one similar to the Mike & Chris one?
  2. Topshop.com The sizes are different, so read them carefully, but they are cute! About $220.00 including shipping to the states.
  3. true religion had a sample sale (in nyc) this month and i got 2 leather jackets for $400; one is a motorcycle one and the other is hooded...both very nice and the leather quality is pretty good. fyi the one at old navy was TERRIBLE and it looked badly made. you're better off saving your pennies and buying a more expensive one.
  4. I looked all over the place for a reasonably priced leather hooded jacket a few months earlier. I'm kicking myself for not getting the Old Navy one last year too!
    If you wouldn't mind faux leather there is a cute one at Urban Outfitters for about $125 and I got one at Forever 21 for $35.
    If you are set on real leather, I ordered a leather jacket from asos.com a few months ago, but returned it only because it was cropped. I have had my eye on the only other price worthy alternative and it is at dkny.com and currently it is on sale.