Travel Honolulu, Hawaii


Nov 19, 2007
Hi gals

We're off to Hawaii for our 'baby-moon' at the end of March (:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:) and my b'day also happens to fall when we are there.

We'd like to go somewhere delicious but not sure of where - any suggestions? We went to Nobu when we were there last time but didnt love it (we get spoilt in Sydney with all the amazing Japanese places) ...

Alternatively - whats the US version of restaurant rating sites ... in Australia we use




May 17, 2010
If you like Nobu you will like Tokkui tei~ It's not glamourous... but it's delicious~

Oh and there is a Japanese buffet that was really good... at Hawaiian Prince or something of the sort... Darn...I forgot the name...I'll post again if I can remember...


Apr 5, 2009
I can't say if it's still good or not I ate there maybe 3-4 years ago but I remembered we really enjoyed it (we are a bunch of picky eaters and it's vary rare when we all like the same place lol) the Kit N Kitchen it was right next to UH. Some how we ended up taking a detour to UH and when we got out we kind of just stumbled upon this place it's a fusion Italian/Asian food and it's pretty reasonably priced. I had their spicy beef noodles and it was great. My mom had a pan fried salmon with a pesto sauce. I'm pretty anti-fish to be honest and this fish even looked delicious! I actually tried it and I loved it!. I don't recall what my dad had.


Jul 16, 2010
Planning a trip to Honolulu (Waikiki) in Aug for a week, i would like to stay around Waikiki (beach area), please recommend...

- Hotels
- Shopping
- Beaches
- Car rental a must? (If so, where to go?)
- Good eats!
- What's should be on my "to-do list"
- Any must buys?
- Japanese tourist place?
- Island hopping? (Where to find the cheapest tickets?)

Please recommend anything & everything for Hawaii! Thank u, loves:heart: (FYI, yes I am aware there is a couple threads for Hawaii....but I couldn't really find what I was looking for)


Mar 11, 2010
we are staying on the beach at the sheraton this sept.. i've stayed at ohana east and ohana west and both are ok hotels if you are on a budget. both are close to the beach.
there's lots of shopping close by and you can hop on the trolly to head to the mall ala moana
i'd recommend seeing pearl harbor and go snorkeling in hunanama bay (sp?). we rented a jeep and drove around the island stopping at other beaches.
there's int'l marketplace and lots of restaurants close by.
we've also taken catamaran rides.
can't really recommend restaurants as i don't really recall where we ate.
can't recommend island hoping either as we haven't done that. is a good place to read reviews and get more recommendations. have fun!