Hong Kong

  1. I always loved the way they dressed in Japan. Their style is so unique yet so fashionable.
  2. ^^It's HK. Thxs Prada's Meadow.
  3. Love it ! Oh I miss Hong Kong !
  4. COOL! THanks Prada!
  5. Oops!:shame: I meant Hong Kong, I dunno why I put Japan.:blink:
  6. i love to visit HK in the winter and spring and my fave places are lan kwai fong and tsim tsai something, i dont' remember the last word. shopping and eating are my favorite pastime and HK is a great place for it.
  7. Tsim Tsai Tsui is definitely one of my favourite places as well. And I so know what you mean about the food thing ! :graucho: Unfortunately, my food vice so happens to be smelly tofu (yes, it smells like rotting garbage but it's also awesome !).
  8. Wendy Hotung is gorgeous!
  9. all the ladies featured are gorgeous! their fashion sense are great, i am in my Gap gear all the time so always feel out of place in HK.

    yeah ayla, the smelly tofu is interesting to try, i managed to eat it once and i could not find places that sell it after.
  10. You know I love seeing that stuff. Thanks Prada!! (my official street style source). It always makes me wish to look more interesting.
  11. Great pics, especially with all those fab bags. :love:
  12. thanks for sharing, i love looking at pics like those! :flowers:

    aw, so cute:

  13. great pix, those bags are gorgeous. I'd wanna go to Hongkong one day
  14. only person i recognized was Gigi Fu Ming Hin... I used to watch her in those tvb dramas years ago! she's looking very pretty now.

    i've always thought HK street fashion was pretty cool. except the stuff a lot of teenagers wear (especially when they don't match)... sometimes, it's cute, sometimes it's too bizarre for me.