Hong Kong, what did you do to me reveal

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  1. Been home for over a week but only getting around to posting my reveal now. I was in HK and over there prices are just around or below EU prices so I went...err...mad

    All of this came home with me

  2. Ooooh exciting! :woot:
    Show us!
  3. Ooh! There's nothing better than a little black box...oh wait there is-lots of little black boxes! What did you get?!
  4. Ha - so I went there with the idea that I wanted a small o-case. Day 1: no o-case after 3 stores. But in one store this little miss came up, and whoop whoop my credit card came out:

  5. Day 2: tried most other stores, still no o-case. But intel on a new shipment arriving the same week! Hmm...

    Day 3: while waiting for the new shipment, went preloved shopping. I've been wanting to try a huge wallet as clutch but not sure if it's something I'll use a lot. So when I saw this, whoop whoop there was the credit card again:

  6. Congrats hun this card case looks so pretty such a beautiful color!!!
    wow they were all sold out of o case? what would you use the o case for? I am interested in getting an O case but dont know what to use it for? maybe a clutch?
  7. Day four: walk back to the Chanel store that gave me intel and picked up the make up bag in RED! But wait...there's more... O-cases came in! I looked at a couple but decided to compare it with ones in other stores first.


  8. Wait for it it's coming up now
  9. Day 5: walked to another store, and picked up...that O-case! In perfect navy shw whoop whoop! What to use it for...as a purse I think. On the way out, spot the new square minis. Not knowing what to think of them, I text the husband back home...

  10. Day 6: on the way back, husband says 'get it and decide later'. Totally shocked I go back and get the chevron mini. So so pretty! But since getting home decided that square minis aren't 'me' after all so this one's going. But still pretty to look at right?

  11. And here all my recent and older SLG together, the items I'm keeping. Love them all!
    Thanks for letting me share!

  12. wow I love it!!! I have it in the black medium size and its interior is so amazing... enjoy it:yahoo:
  13. Wow! Fab haul of little lovelies!
  14. Congrats!!!!!! Love your story!!!!

    I don't know HK prices are that good!!!!!
  15. Wow, what a haul! So colorful they look like candy. Eye candy I guess. Big congrats on all of your new items. You worked so hard to get exactly what you wanted. That's what I call persistence!

    I'm so happy for you! :smile: