Hong Kong vs Singapore

  1. Hi,my wife wants a Popincourt Haut bag and I have a chance to visit both Hong Kong and singapore.Does anyone know which place,if either,would be cheaper ?
    P.S i know the bag is S$1400 in Singapore.
  2. Are you from either country? Hongkong before tax is more ex than Singapore. That's according to my friends.

    If you are not from either country. After tax rebate, Singapore will be cheaper. :smile:
  3. Opps after reading many other sites. it seems people are saying HKG is cheaper. But i did a price conversion previously and it works out singapore is still slightly cheaper.

    But what I know is, after tax-rebate in Singapore, it's nearly on par. :smile:
  4. agree singapore will be more cheap...but also have to depend on the item u r buying too...
  5. u can contact LV for price. go to their website and click contact. they will reply u the price in hong kong and singapore for the bag u are interested. singapore has tax so u need to do rebate but i do not think hong kong has tax :smile: