Hong Kong Trip Part III

  1. I spent lots of time on shopping!! everywhere was at least 40% off.

    Finally got myself a silverado cognac python bag, white JPG birkin, Chloe heels and many cosmetics!!

    Hong Kong is such a lovely place for shopping with huge discount and lots of stocks!!
    DSC00127.jpg DSC00131.jpg DSC00132.jpg
  2. Ooh Congrats, Chloe!!! I'll go check out the Hermes thread in a sec to see your white JPG Birkin pics. Thanks for sharing these photos. I'm so drooling over the many hermes just sitting there on the shelf! Is that for real? Like you can just stroll in there and buy one?? Or are they purely display only? Oh and look at all those MJs too!
  3. Wow!
  4. They're ready for you to take them home :smile:. This is a 2nd hand shop but carries some new bags. The Hermes on the display window are NEW.
  5. WOW!!! Thanks, meow! I had no idea. May have to make a trip to Hong Kong.:graucho: Do u know if their prices are consistent with ones from an Hermes store or are they jacked up somewhat?
  6. I shopped in Hong Kong once.. actually Kowloon and the shopping was soooo nice... and all the boutiques give you extras when you shop there. I LOVE IT! Funny thing about that trip is that I don't know an ounce of any language besides english and little bit of french but i found my way to the mall quite easily!!
  7. Prices for brand new bags are slightly lower than if you buy from the boutique and for the 2nd hand bags usually 30% cheaper compared to brand new (also depends on the condition of the bag) and if you get tired of your bag or decide to sell it, they'll buy it from you again but less 30% from the price you got it from them.
  8. Congrats on your purchases! I am lusting over the MJ hobo stam in the first pic its amazing. Along with the beautiful color on the Hermes bags.
  9. interesting... how do u know if they are not fakes?
  10. gahh I still regret not going to HK last year with my mom :Push:
  11. These stores only sell authentic bags and they are very reputable sellers of 2nd hand designer bags and accessories. The brand new ones like the Hermes Birkin/Kelly (exotics and different kinds of leather in all sizes) and Chanels are in glass casing also cheaper than in boutique. Even saw the Chanel J12 and Superleggera Chrono watch selling for 15% cheaper than in Chanel Boutique.
  12. Is that Milan station in the pictures? I want to go to HK for a short shopping spree in Aug but I am afraid that my hubby will get bored. I want to visit Lamma island as well, but it is kinda far from the city.
  13. man, I gotta get to the Kong.
  14. hey ChloeSS 0o0o0o you've been shopping!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!
  15. Yay! ChloeSS. Congrats on your white JPG. Your friend must be happy too to exchange with your white birkin.

    Come to Hong Kong everyone!