Hong Kong TPF Meeting!!

  1. I know there are many HK ladies/gentlemen here. I have yet to see a HK H meeting take place. I'd like to get a few of us together on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon whichever time and place is most convenient for all of us! :wlae::party: :dothewave:
  2. How about coffee on a Sunday afternoon in Central? :yahoo:
  3. I wish I were in HK so I could go!!!!
  4. ^^^So do I :sad: ...
  5. candace and fromparis, you guys are cracking me up!!! unfortunately i can't go to hk any time soon, but i will definitely be looking for fellow tpfers when i do!
  6. I would love to see you girls too :sad: Unfortunately, you're not in HK.

    I wonder why all the people who responded in this thread are not from HK.

    No HK TPFers?
  7. Chinese New Year is approaching and perhaps the HK tPFers are all busy in preparing for the holiday or will be away (like me!)
  8. I go to HK often so if I am in town can I pop by and join you guys too please.....!
  9. LuvBirkin, of course! AFTER Chinese New Year, we shall meet :graucho:

    Accessorize*Me... come hither, H addicts always welcome here.
  10. I'm here! I'm totally up for a meeting :biggrin:
  11. Oooh...I'm going back to HK in a few weeks and would love to meet up!
  12. hmm...I guess there aren't many tPFers here in HK. We should meet up anyway! I think transcendent's idea of meeting up in Central for coffee sounds great. Should we set a tentative date?
  13. hi all, I just returned from my trip to HK - amzing place! Hit 3 of the 5 H stores there.

    Mid-level escaltors rock. Ate at Bacar and The Phoenix and The Penninsula.

    I agree, the entire city is preoccupied with the Lunar New Year and related travel, not to mention the cold snap that just hit. You will get more response after the holiday.

    Have fun!
  14. Mr Posh Spice and toiletduck (funny nick!), let's set a tentative date for the end of February and early March.

    gelbergirl, I too love those places you mentioned. Hopefully, you'll join us when you're here next time.
  15. hey i'm in HK! just moved here actually. But i won't get my first birkin till feb. 12th. Would love to meet fellow purse lovers!