HONG KONG tip - questions - advice!

  1. i'm planning to go to hong kong during the end of the year .so is there any sales during that period? roughly around when would it start?
  2. i spent my new year holiday in hk in '06, and i do remember major sales at popular malls i've been to (langham, harbour city, times sq and ifc). you might wat to check out this outlet mall called City Gate too. I'll be in hk too for the late part of dec too, hope i'll have more time to check out the shops agian. :smile:
  3. i'll be in hk late dec-early jan so i want to know too :biggrin:

  4. *sigh* we're too late for the chloe 90% sale... :wtf:
  5. I am looking at having a short holiday in Hong Kong from 20th March. Any suggestions on where to stay and if there are sales on at that time?
    I am also open to other destinations.
    Thank you :wlae:
  6. What is your budget re: accom?

    We've mostly stayed at Sheraton, as it's right on Nathan Rd at TST, so it's close to transport (MRT, bus and Ferry)

    For a bit cheaper, you can stay across the road at Kowloon Hotel (it's Opposite Pennisula Hotel) but the rooms are extremely small.

    We've also stayed at the Langham, also at Tsim Sa Tsui, and it's pricer than Sheraton, but it's opposite Harbour City and closer to the Ferry

    March is not sale time i'm afraid, though you'll never know with the economy being as it is, but HK is not cheap any longer
  7. kasumi168 thank you for the advice, the budget is not the problem, my husband has never been so I wanted to give him a treat.:nuts:
  8. If budget isn't a problem, I definitely recommend the Island Shangri-La. It is a beautiful hotel, with wonderful service and a great location. The pool is pretty nice too although at that time of year the weather will be questionable for poolside lounging.

    Another great hotel is the Mandarin Oriental - which has great restaurants and is very convenient to shopping. Of the two, my favourite is the Island Shangri-La though.
  9. I second Island Shangri-La!

    I would also recommend visiting Macau for a short day trip or overnighter. I'm biased b/c I'm from Macau =P I would recommend staying at the NEW Hotel Lisboa or one of the many Vegas casino-hotels.
  10. Need advice on places to shop?????
  11. peninsula hotel is one of the nicest places to stay... it is also in a great location with lots of shops (all the designer boutiques)
  12. Pennisula is always top notch!

    If you're interested in the whole shopping/dining experience, I recommend Lan Kwai Fong hotel. Its located inside a mall and their service is great. Its located in Central, and there's an additional upscale mall around the area and tons of really great restaurants. It's in more of a corporate location, so there's a bunch of buildings, but they do have a MTR station for easy traveling.

    Here's a link if you're interested:
  13. I think you should find a hotel in TST such as pennisula, langham, marco polo (inside a mall called harbour city). TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) is the middle of everything. Its on the Kowloon Island and its only 2 station (around 2 minutes ride) away from Central, where all the upscales shops are at. Tst has tons of upscale shops too but i find SA at Central are much nicer. TST is the place where most tourists are at so shops are really busy and you don't get much customer services IMO. TST is also close to MongKwok, a place where you can get lots of cheap stuff and you can eat some great local foods.

    But where you stay in HK is really not big of a deal because the transportation system in HK is SOOOO convenient that it doesnt' take long to travel to anywhere.

    BTW, if you want to go to the HK island from Kwoloon island, its great to take the ferry (located in TST) if you are not in a hurry. Its a lot cheaper (2 HK dollars approx. vs. 10+ dollars) and you get a great view of the HK skyline. Its also very relaxing on the ferry.

    I miss HK :smile: its my favourite place in the world.
  14. Thank you everyone who replied. I now have heaps of options and I will enjoy my break so much more thanks to everyones kind words.