Hong Kong stock

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  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if anyone knows what is the latest stock is in Hong Kong? Preferably, colours of classic flaps and reissues.
  2. Hong Kong has the coco's croco reissue in red and black.

    Jumbo classic flap in black lampskin.

    Some new cruise line pieces.
  3. The new modern chain, both black and white are also available.
  4. thanks for the update girls.
  5. Went to the Canton Rd one and Macau.
    - GST
    - A black patent medium
    - E/W in black lambskin and neutral caviar
    - medium flaps in black (all hardware and all skins)

    - medium croc flap
    - small croc flap
    - blacks/neutrals for the small/med/e/w's
    I remember the crocs to be purple and orange but have forgotten which was which size. The SA was lovely there :heart:
  6. thanks delilahds.

    I was hoping for a red classic flap.....that's wishful thinking.
  7. How much is the new modern chain tote in HK?
  8. I can't remember exactly, should be around US$2260.
  9. Can anyone tell me the current price on the PST & GST???
  10. I saw Hollywood bowler and Hollywood tote in gold at Peninsula Chanel. Also, there are croco reissues in black, red, purple, cerf tote in black and white, modern chain tote & hobo, classic flaps... i think this time HK got early shipment for Cruise line!
  11. ^^ thanks guys! any more updates on the other boutiques? the boutique in pacific at JW mariott? hehe my dad's there on a trip now i hope he has time to check the stuff out! ;)
  12. GST = 16900 i think (is there a med sized one? I saw a ST but it looked smaller than the grand but there was a petit one as well... so mmm)
  13. Are there any baby cabas atm? Does anyone know the price in HKD?
  14. i was told that no more baby cabas when i was at the prince building's store today, so sad that they don't get it anymore.
  15. Help me out all the HK sisters - should I get the Cruise 2008 pink lambskin that shopgirl bb posted the other day? Come on come on, help me.......:shrugs: