Hong Kong shopping

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew how much the east/west flap costs in Hong Kong and is it cheaper to buy it there. Also, do they have second hand chanel stores because I know that there are some 2nd hand LV stores there. Any help would be greatly appreciated =)
  2. I just moved from Hong Kong - I don't know the price but you should save on taxes. Go to the main store at the Prince's Building - ask for Melody,she will help you out. As for second hand - go to Milan Station - there are a few of them and the sell only authentic new and used bags - the used ones have to be in pristine condition and they do have Chanels.
  3. Melody is the SA that helps with my purchases as well...I agree with harley re saving on taxes but would be careful of making purchases at Milan Station because have heard rumours that not all their items are authentic...
  4. I just got back from HK. I didn't check the east/west since they didn't have it in stock. However, I asked for the price on Coco Cabas. It's HK$14,800 which is around $1900. My mom bought Petite shopper and it costs HK$9300 which is around $1195 (here is $1095, I believe). So I have to say HK is more expensive... Also, somehow they didn't have a lot of selections like in the US.

    2nd hand shops are over all the places. I enjoyed looking at their selections. :p
  5. Does anyone knows where I can still get a Black GST (gold hardware) in HK?
  6. price went up here last Nov, I did regret for not buying a red caviar flap in Barcelona... =(

    for east-west, it's around HK$9800 or $10000. also, there's white caviar medium flap (i saw in prince building last night), simply gorgeous and retails for HK$13900
  7. No kidding! The price really went up. I paid HK$13800 for my medium classic flap back in Oct 2006 and now what billbill had mentioned they increase HK$100 more. Same for the earrings I bought in Dec. although the tag stated HK$1200 but when they ring that up, it was HK$1300 and I knew immediately the rumors was true. Thank god its only HK$100 increased not HK$1000!

    billbill, while you were at prince biulding did you came across the GST? The SA @ Lee garden who I used to deal with doesn't seem to know her products very well.
  8. hmmm then the east/west doesn't seem that cheap because that works out to be about 1500 CDN. Which is expensive for an east/west right?
  9. Billbill, I'm going to Barcelona soon. Is it cheaper to buy in Barcelona compared to HK?
  10. The bags in HK are about the same. All you really save is the tax. I always buy impulse items in HK and end up regretting it b/c I can't return it in the states. At least if you get it in the states...u have at least 14 days to return. And I told my SA at Lee Gardens that prices in HK have increased already in November.
  11. i live in canada so i think almost anywhere is cheaper since we have 13% tax here =(
  12. I'll be in Hong Kong on March 19, I can't wait to shop there! :yahoo:

    Are the Cambon bags popular at places like Milan Station?