Hong Kong shopping

  1. So i heard there are stores that sell 2nd hand LV items? Does anyone know where they are located? It would be a great help! Thanks =)
  2. I remember a place called Milan Station in the Times Square.. but I don't know of any others..
  3. Hi, I visited HK on November and found some 2nd hand LV shops at Kowloon & Causeway Bay but so surprised..! The price is'n too cheap as people say. I think Let-Trade & Authentic_LVLady have the cheaper price.

    I found: Paris Station, Milan Station, France Station (.. etc, I forgot ) I even take their name cards ( I'll provide you their add. & email if you like ) but yah... I still prefer buy from L-T
  4. :wtf: expensive in 2nd hand shop in HK
  5. :yes::yes::yes:
  6. There's both Milan Station and French Station in Causeway Bay Times Square.Both sell second hand designer goods, mostly LV and Guccis (I think).
  7. one of the original 2nd Designer stores is Milan station... then came Paris Station, then France Station... Milan station is all over the place... there's also one... I cant remember the name of it but I walked past it once right opposite Times Square in Causeway Bay... there's also a couple of Milan Stations in Causeway Bay... I'm not sure what the pricing's like though... coz I havent bought any designer stuff 2nd hand so have never really been in... YET :p ...

    there is a place though... not sure if I'm allowed to say but it's on Russel Street in Causeway Bay... the street where Times Square is on... it's right next to the Miss Sixty store if I remember correctly... anyway... there's Kiehl's, A/X Armani Exchange, Sharma Serviced Apartments, Shu Uemura... then there's a building in between some of these shops... & if you go up the lift to 10th floor (I think)... there's a store (which I dont remember the name)... that sells BRAND NEW (YES AUTHENTIC!) designer bags at lower than retail prices... considerably lower actually... I'm assuming it's legit coz I read about them in a mag once... that's how I found them... maybe you could check it out?

    good luck!
  8. I am going to hong kong soon also
    are they not cheap??? :wtf: make some examples of prices pls :s
  9. don't buy from 2nd hand shops in hk. although they are authentic, the price difference from the one in the LV shop is so little. with that little price difference, i'd rather buy a brand new one from the LV shop.
  10. i remember a brand new one and the 2nd hand bag's price is like less than 500hk$ difference...

  11. Hi, I visited Milan or PAris Station ( forgot, they have the same store concept ) and enter ;) then I checked for Denim Flat Shopper. I noticed L-T, Authentic_LVLady, LVLady99 sold around US$ 639.99 - 699.99 but the stores are selling around HK$ 7000-7500. US$ 1 = HK$ 7.7 ( not the exact conversion but around that amount ). Higher than eBay HK resellers, right?
  12. wow dissapointed :sad: but tell me and what about buying new is it more expensive ??? than normally new bran?? can u get tax refound?
  13. good luck girlie!
  14. There's VIP Station, Milan Station, France Station, and Paris Station for the secondhand shops. Those are located in Causeway Bay, Tsim Tsa Tsui, Mong Kok, and several other places on the Kowloon side. There is also a chain known as Twist that sells authentic bags at lower prices. There is one in Causeway Bay in the World Trade Centre and near Harbour City that I know of...
  15. gee, it really does look like you are better off buying lt than 2nd hand from hong kong! thats a surprise to me!