Hong Kong shopping tips!

  1. Please share your tips for shopping in Hong Kong! :yes:

    In particular, for

    a) shopping areas for high-end designers (authentics of course! ie. D&G, Celine, LV, Gucci) with good selection
    b) cheap fashion jewellery (ie. earrings)
    c) where to find good sales/samples/factory outlets (ie. I know Abercrombie and BCBG makes some of their clothes in HK)
    d) bargaining strategies!!
    e) yummy FOOD!! :love:

    I know there are great deals and selection to be found, but I haven't been there in a long time, so I could really use some pointers! I just got some last minute tickets and will be leaving next week.. I can't wait!
  2. Hey Cupcake! When are you coming? The sales are ending just about now...I'll try my best to answer those questions. :biggrin:

    a) Try Central on Hong Kong island. There is a shopping mall called "Landmark" that has a lot of designer brand stores such as Gucci, Manolo and Marc Jacobs. You can also walk around the outside area of the mall to find other high-end boutiques such as Joyce and On Pedder which sell brands like Alexander McQueen and Louboutins. Another place to try is IFC (also in Central) the Lane Crawford there is awesome! There is a Harvey Nichols right next to the huge LV flagship store and Landmark too. Pacific Place is a great place to go as well. It has stores that Landmark has as well as Chloe and Chanel. Pacific Place is in Admiralty, which is right next to Central. Oh, you might wanna hit up Lan Kwai Fong in Central if you're here on a Friday or Sat. night for the excellent bars and nightclubs.

    b) Cheap Fashion jewellery can be found pretty much anywhere. I'd usually go for Island Beverly or Causeway Place (both near Sogo in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong island). They have tooooons of little tiny boutiques that sell trendy clothes and accesories from Korea and Japan.
    You can try bargaining at these boutiques.

    c) I'm not too sure about this. They have random stores around Causeway Bay near Mitsukoshi (dept. store that is about to close down) but I've never found good stuff there. There is also this ONE TINY store next to Lee Theatre (across from Times Square in Causeway Bay) where I've found Marc Jacobs jackets and BCBG shirts. That might be a bit hard to find tho.

    If you are willing to venture to Kowloon island, get off at Lai Chi Kok and I think it's exit 'C' or 'D' for MTR exits. There is this whole mall of samples and stuff that get sold to boutiques. People call it "Cheung Sha Wan" but if you get off at that stop you'll hafta walk for ages. I found an Anna Sui dress for HKD 270 there, but if you don't know Cantonese it might be difficult to find.

    d) bargaining strategies...I'm not really good at this bit. The general rule of thumb is to ask for a lower price than what you're willing to pay. say, for a pair of earrings the store owner says 100. you say, 50..but is willing to pay 70. when she counters, go up a larger amount...say, 65. then, keep countering her offers with smaller and smaller increments. i hear this works, but i've never tried it. or, you can simply buy more and ask for a discount. they'll usually give 10% off and u can try the same method mentioned before to get a larger discount.

    howeverr, don't expect a dscount if th item is already on sale or if it's really really cheap...like, HKD 20 bucks.

    e) Yummy food can be found ALL OVER hong kong and kowloon. it all depends on what kind of food you are looking for. PM me for this one as there is just TOO MANY.

    Hope that helps! :biggrin:
  3. Wow, such great info! Thanks.. I'll be printing that out before I leave :yes: I definitely want to check out some of the spots you mentioned!

    The sales are ending now?? Nooo :sad: I remember regular price things can be even more expensive in there then at home.. but at least there's no tax!
  4. Just a tip: you can get some of the least expensive diamonds in the world in Hong Kong!