Hong Kong prices on classic flap

  1. Is it true that the medium classic flap lambskin is only about HKD11,500?

  2. When I left in December, prices were a bit higher. Depending on the size it was more in the 14000 range.
  3. And from today, that price would go up to 17,000! But the stock there at the moment is very limited
  4. Is it the same price in HK compared to the US?
  5. Prices are different because as of now there still is no sales tax in HK - so the price is 'cheaper' ... I would say i saved an avg of USD200.00 per bag when I bought them in hK ... yesterday my DH bought me a new style white classic flap (the entire flap is lined in silver hardware) - and the base price was 1275 and with tax is was 1400 .... in HK i would have just paid the 1275
  6. Koeee---> the price you quoted for HKD 17000 is for Med/Large or for Jumbo?
  7. Harley---> the flap you mentioned with the silver hardware around it, is it the smaller or the larger one like in the pic below?
    paris store 4.jpg
  8. What a beautiful bag, is it available in the US?
  9. lambskin is cheaper in HK than caviar in comparison to USD