Hong Kong Possibly?

  1. Hi all PFers in Hong Kong! I will be there next week from the 15th till the 21st and was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up for a little shopping? Let me know! :smile:
  2. Knock Knock Knock...
  3. promise you'll let us know how the shopping went in HK.
    I was just thinking about this today. Is Hermes HUGE in Asia, or is it all relative. I know that LV gets 40% of revenues in Japan.
    Safe trip, gg
  4. me! me! me!
    darn. i'm not in hong kong! well, can i come anyway?:graucho:
  5. I would if I was there right now...sorry. hope you have a great trip
  6. Hmm...I wonder if I could sneak you on the plane. :graucho:

    Jaegerhomme- I hope that I DO NOT find my BOX 40CM HAC in Hong Kong! ;) My bank account would have a heart attack, but I would look ever so stylish!!! I think it would make a fantastic briefcase...
  7. i desperately need some good chinese food. and some ostrich. i'm coming!
  8. Yay! You can bring your gorgeous new Kelly and I'll bring my Croc wallet! :yahoo:
  9. Mr Posh Spice - Have fun in your visit to HK. I think your dream HAC will find you soon...resistance to the orange side is futile you know. Sending you positive H vibes on this shopping expedition. Where else can you enjoy wonderful dimsum and fave Cantonese seafood and afterwards go hunting at 6 H boutiques ending it with a relaxing afternoon tea at the Pen.
  10. J- I think you should come as well!!!
  11. Come to SG!

  12. SG???
  13. That's Singapore, Mr Posh Spice!
  14. Oops...sorry. Didn't understand. I wish I could but I'm only in HK for 2 weeks. :sad:
  15. how far is SG from HK?