Hong Kong Pop Star Banned From Hiring Anymore Maids Because.....

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  1. "the terminator" hahahahaha,
  2. sorry but I was more interested in the video at the side Russian girl gives birth to 17lb baby!!!!!!!!
  3. This is the sad truth for many immigrated worker all across the globe! I'm glad the Hong Kong government takes action against it, not every state takes care like this.
  4. this is so horrible
  5. Yikes, but they're stealing from him. Not cool. i'd fire them too if they were trying to pull that crap on me.
  6. Not all of those maids stole from him. 21 helpers in 3 years is a lot.
  7. Disgusting...
  8. It is good that they are doing something about this. Some people can just be a little over-reacting.
  9. It sounds like no worker can please this guy and his wife. That's a lot of employees to go through!
  10. Idiot!
  11. exactly! If he has a rep like that who would want to work for him anyway. And it is not impossible to find good help in the house.
  12. :push::nogood: