Hong Kong Pfers/Experts - Need Yer Assistance

  1. I will be headed to Hong Kong in 2 weeks time. :yes:

    I have not visited any 2nd hand LV stores before and heard there are many there. I would be interested to scout for some. Anyone know which I should go to and where? All I have heard of are Milan Station and its branches. Is there any other worthy stores? Does Let Trade have a store? Thanks very much in advance. :smile: :smile:
  2. not familiar w/HK, but i did recall there's a very similar thread being posted, you might want to do a search on it. gosh i miss the food there, *glup* yummy!
  3. I searched the post but unfortunately there were no inputs on HK stores.
  4. nope, Let-Trade doesn't have a store, I've asked before. The best places are Milan Station and etc.
  5. There's like Milan Station, Italy Station, VIP Station and Pisa. Most of them are within walking distance in Causeway Bay. There is also another Milan Station in TST, near the MTR Station.

  6. So far, I have the addresses of Milan/Italy/VIP Stations. Does anyone know any other resale stores besides the abovementioned. I cant wait to see what they have for sale. Hoping for some cool discontinued items :smile:.
  7. just recently came back from hong kong. the bulk of milan station's inventory is LVs. aside from the stores that you mentioned above, i can't think of any you have left out. have a good time on your trip. happy shopping!
  8. Hey!

    I travel frequently to HK and this is one of the shop which I happened to chance upon besides the usual Milan/Italy/VIP stations. They have extensive range of LV bags esp limited eds ones!

    Second Hand Shop
  9. There is also a store called Secondhandshop in Nathan Rd. They have a website www.secondhandshop.com/english/main.html
  10. Just checked the secondhandshop site. I will certainly visit it. Thanks koshiro and lvmama. :smile: Anymore you guys and gals can recommend?
  11. Anyone else can help?
  12. Do these stores also buy your old LV's? Does anyone know how that works because I would like to get rid of some pieces. Do they pay you very little for it?
  13. Hi! Just came from HK the other day. There are 2 pre-owned LV shops in Pedder Building in Central. One is on the 3rd floor, one is on the 4th. It's a small building so you won't get lost. Address is Pedder Bldg, 12 Pedder Street, Central, HK. It's the building with Shanghai Tang, right across Louis Vuitton Landmark. Get off MTR Central station.

    Here's the website of one of the stores:

    Enjoy!! I love HK!!:heart:

  14. As far as I know, The Secondhandshop does buy them back. You can email them and check if they want to buy your LVs by providing pics/description.

    Hope this helps!
  15. Thanks Yr Highness, I cant wait to go there. Glad you had a gd time. :smile: