Hong Kong or Tokyo?

  1. I apologise if this post is not directly Hermes related, but I figured we are all shopaholics and have similar (impeccable!) taste.

    I'm deciding how to split my 7 days in Hong Kong and Tokyo. I have visited both places before for sightseeing, but I'd like to focus on shopping this time (esp'ly Hermes of course)! Would you recommend an even split? 3 full days in HK, travel on day 4, 3 full days in Tokyo? Thanks so much.

    Any recommendations for HK shopping would be much appreciated. I'm really enjoying the threads on Tokyo shopping. Also, any restaurant/cafe recommendations would be so nice! Thank you thank you! :yahoo:
  2. Hi, Beaumonde!

    HK/Tokyo shopping trip sounds glorious! As to restaurant/cafe recommendations, what kind of food were you thinking about?

    For Tokyo dining close to the shopping districts, here are some of the more "high end" suggestions:

    1) If you are willing to spend the money, the French restaurant "Beige" in Ginza is one of THE places to go in Tokyo. Its an Alain Ducasse (sp?) restaurant in the beautiful Chanel boutique in the heart of Ginza. All the waiters/waitresses wear Chanel (!) and as part of dessert, you get chocolates in the shape of the Chanel logo. Lunch is around $100, without drinks. I understand that prices for dinner are outraeous. Food is dreamy!


    2) If you are planning to go to the H reseller where Mika works (PM me if you don't know who she is), within 2 min. walking distance is a pretty famous sushi place where I like to go. Lunch range from $50-$80. This is truly a Japanese experience.


    3) For the best western food buffet in Tokyo, French Kitchen at the Roppongi Grand Hyatt.

    4) Very good afternoon tea (and great views), the Mandarin Hotel in Nihonbashi (walking distance from the Takashimaya)

    If you are looking for more "regular" Japanese foods (yakitori, soba, ramen), let me know and I can PM you the information!
  3. Thank you Tokyogirl! I'm going to have so much fun planning this trip. :tender:
  4. Hi,
    I am from Hong Kong, would like to give you a warm welcome to Hong Kong. Having said that, I suggest you spending more days in Tokyo. Hong Kong people enjoy going shopping in Tokyo more than Hong Kong now, though some of the shops can import the goods and trends from Tokyo. In case you need more recommendations, let me know.
  5. I've done similar trips, and like winyancheung, I'd suggest you slightly skew your shopping days towards Tokyo. Japanese shopping is the best anywhere. There are tons of unique boutiques in Tokyo plus the absolute best of international boutiques that are more highly stocked than ANYWHERE else. Besides that, you cannot beat Japanese service. So thorough, so kind.

    HK is tons of fun too, but its best malls look like the best malls or shopping streets anywhere in the world. Dealmaking is pretty much extinct in HK, unless you are trying to score goods that are fake.

    The two great things HK still has going for it are the fabulous views of the harbor from the great high-rise hotels, and the best dining and drinking in the world. That's what supports the half-million English-speaking ex-pats.
  6. Thanks to your comments, I thought Hong Kong is less attractive. It is better to see the others' view from different perspective. It is true that Hong Kong has a lot of fushion restaurants... easy and efficient transport network... do enjoy the shopping here too, cos we have no GST, yet.
  7. I think it depends on what kind of shopping you want to do... It's true that Tokyo has a really wide selection of items in their stores. For example, last time I went, they had 2 huge Prada stores and I was able to buy a wallet there that I couldn't find in Hong Kong.

    However, last time I went there was a HUGE price difference between Hong Kong and Tokyo! The things in Tokyo were WAY more expensive. I guess it depends on what you want to get. In Incheon Korea, this Gucci bag caught my eye which I resisted but couldn't stop thinking about so I when I arrived in Tokyo, I wanted to get it, but then when I got there the price for it was $1200 USD (about 2 years ago when US dollars were worth a lot!) which was more expensive then what I saw in the Korean airport, so I waited until I got to Hong Kong and I'm so glad b/c I ended up getting the bag for about $900 Canadian! If I had gotten it in Tokyo, it would've cost me about $1700 Canadian! $800 more!!! for the EXACT SAME bag! :wtf:

    In the end.. my experience is that I enjoy shopping in HK a lot more when you're actually going to purchase stuff, however, the actual experience of shopping in Tokyo is amazing. You'll always find amazing customer service and a lot of the shops are beautiful in their own right! You should see the architecture of the Prada store!