Hong Kong it is safe when you carry a birkin?

  1. Hi girls,
    I will be in hong kong at the end of october for vacations (2 weeks) :yahoo: .
    I'm wondering if hong kong is safe when you carry a birkin? maybe for some of you it's a weird question. But you know sometimes in Paris, it's more careful to go home in cab after a diner in a restaurant than to take the subway. :sad:
    My friend, a men's designer clothes said to me "Don't worry, a lot of girls in HK got a birkin/ kelly. it's very popular. :nuts: "
    I'm wonderin if it's not too much to travel with a fourretout luggage, a victoria sac de voyage and a birkin.... :shame:

    HK girls give me your advice! :flowers:

    PS: PM me if you have some good adress of restaurant / shopping / club! :flowers:
  2. Hi Specialistparis, I'm not a HK girl. When I was there for a week in Dec 05, I spotted ladies on the street, in the hotel & in shopping malls wearing their birkins/kellys. It seems like a safe country to wear your H bag :smile:

    btw, you might find this thread useful..check out the posts by tresormakati & Dior24 :flowers:

  3. Thanks gigi! :flowers:
  4. Anytime, Specialistparis! :smile: Have a GREAT trip! Have FUN!!! :yahoo:
  5. I grew up in North America and I use to travel to Hong Kong every week b/c of my work. Hong Kong is very safe.

    You just have to beware of pick pockets when you are in the busy areas and don't leave your bag unattended when you are shopping(ie. on the seat when you are trying on shoes or on the counter when you are looking at something). My friend was pickpocketed in Central (nice shopping area) and she is local H.K Chinese.

    No one will snatch your birkin from you but you just have to keep an eye out for all your belongs.

    You will have a great time
  6. I just cameback from HK and I was wearing my 35cm birkin with me the whole time. I even took the subway a few times and it was fine. A lot of ppl there wear H too, it's really nothing out of the ordinary for the locals imo.
  7. yeah...H.K subway is very safe and clean. A lot of professionals takes the subway so they don't get stuck in traffic.
  8. Hi,

    I grew up there & currently reside in US.
    Hong Kong is safe to carry your birkin/kelly depends on what district you go.
    For instance, Central (where Landmark, IFC is), Admiralty (where Pacific Place is), some part of Causeway Bay (where Times Square is), Tsim Sha Tsui (where Harbor City is), these are the safe places to take your Hermes w/u & enjoy shopping there. I do not recommend bring your Hermes with you to Mong Kok. :P

    Agree with cxyvr, beware of pickpockets tho. So I do recommend you close the flap when you go shopping.

    I will PM you for good restaurants/shopping/clubbing place:graucho:

    Enjoy your trip!
  9. Like any other big city, you have to be careful where you go. Hong Kong is very clean and safe. The vibe is a lot like New York City.
  10. Thanks a lot Girls!!!:flowers:

    I'm so impatient now:nuts: to discover HK! maybe my credit card will not appreciate it but HK is so tempting for shopping. :devil:
  11. Hong Kong is probably the safest city I have ever been too! I have lived here for 3 years, and aside from having my wallet stolen once...I have had no problems at all! OH restaurant /club suggestions....it all depends on what you like, but for dining, my first recommendation would be
    1. Aqua (1 Peking Rd., Tsim Tsa Tsui) It is very trendy, with the best view of Hong Kong that you could find! Great bar for drinks before or after.
    2. Felix (Peninsula Hotel, Tsim Tsa Tsui) Another good one...make sure to check out the urinals in the men's restroom (everyone does), they seem to be quite the draw!!
    3. Da Dominica (Italina food, Causeway Bay) Probably the best you will ever have...don't order, just say your preferences, and let the chef bring you his recommendations
    4. M at the Fringe (Central) quaint, good food...just across the street from Lan Kwai Fong (the Bourbon Street of Hong Kong minus the nastiness)
    5. Lan Kwai Fong and Soho have a ton of restaurants that you can just walk in, that are all good.
    For Bars/Clubs
    1. Lan Kwai Fong...just pick any one..you are sure to see some craziness from the drunk expats (I might be one of them), especially if it is a Friday/Saturday night.
    2. Dragon-I (Queens Rd. Central) A very swanky place for the HK hip, and a ton of models (both male and female). You may prefer to book it for dinner first, that way you are gauranteed in the club without the line/cover charge. They ask you to leave your dinner table by 11:00.
    Hope this helps...have a great time, and make sure to give the CC a good workout!!
  12. i've been living in hk for the past 9 months and i must say, i have never seen so many women (and men) carrying designer bags in one place. i've lived in nyc and bangkok, too. so to answer your question, yes your bag will be safe but make sure you keep it closed as there are some pickpockets in some parts of the city (just like in any big city).

    for restaurants/bars, here are some off the top of my head:

    1. yung kee (in central near lan kwai fong) for really good cantonese food
    2. la pampa (in soho) for great argentinian beef
    3. the peak cafe (at the peak, of course)
    4. the bar (forgot the name) at island shangrila (admiralty), they have this very good standards singer every night, nice place to enjoy a drink or two
    5. lan kwai fong - lots of places. i especially loved the caipirinha and mojito at insomnia
    6. green splash (south bay beach)- this is a looong way from the city but i enjoy watching the sunset while having some wine and relaxed "beach" dining with a live dj and chill out music
    7. rice paper (world trade center, causeway bay) for very light, vietnamese fare

    if i think of more places, i'll let you know.