HONG KONG Chanel Club

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    This is the place for Hong Kong based Chanel addicts to post:

    1. items available in boutiques, the "stations" and other shops where Chanel goodies can be located;
    2. answer queries for fellow tPFers about shopping for Chanel goodies in Hong Kong; and
    3. any other gossips/comments about Chanel shopping, from a Hong Kong perspective of course.

    If you are joining in as a Hong Kong Chanel addict ("HKCA"), it would be fantastic to introduce yourself (a bit!)!

    So I will start first.

    My name is Miffy27 (teehee). I am a mad HKCA and have been so for more than 5 years now (around the time when I could start to afford Chanel). I have a few bags, some accessories, shoes (not comfortable:nogood:) and clothes. I am currently saving up to buy the Chanel bicycle (just kidding). I am not really into brands except for Chanel, Burberry and Anya Hindmarch. I work in Central, HK and am a professional [x]. Whenver I travel, there are a few places that I make sure I will visit: local MacDonalds (:sweatdrop:), art galleries, interesting markets and...Chanel boutiques!!!

    I found this forum in the summer of 2007 - shortly after a very good friend of mine who is also a HKCA returns to the US. I had no one to share my passion with and one day, came across this forum. I am happy to find so many mad CAs here and am even more surprised to find a few equally insane HKCAs!!

    Nice to meet all of you!:heart:
  2. that's great!! i'd like to join
  3. Heres a bit about myself:

    I just moved to HK so im pretty new to the area, but I LOVE chanel, too bad that with all these price hikes, its harder and harder for me to make new chanel purchases...i guess we'll just have to keep our eyes out for sales and good deals on eBay.
    Im not working right now, but have been shopping all around the major hot spots: Landmark, Lee Garden, IFC, etc.
    Hopefully one day we can have a HKCA outting!
  4. Great! It's always good to help out fellow tPFers and get the valuable info ourselves! :heart:

    I used to be a professional [x] but now I'm a homemaker. I have 2 kids (young boys) and I adore Chanel and Hermes. I'm lucky enough to have a loving husband (who probably couldn't stand my nagging about Chanel & Hermes!). I started my C collection by handbags (3 in total, 2 classic flaps and 1 hybrid), accessories (earrings and rings, latest target is the Chanel pearl necklace) and RTW (all from my DH, several tweed jackets and 1 tweed dress from 07 F/W). I live in HK Island so quite a lot of chances to walk pass Chanel boutiques and "stations"/resellers.
  5. I moved to HK 6 months ago and work as a professional in Central. I have some Chanel accessories and bought my first Chanel bag (medium classic flap in caviar) just last month, so I'm a very recent HKCA.

    I'm already looking for my next Chanel bag- which will probably be a more practical work bag like the Cerf.

    Have any of you girls seen the Diamond Stitch in Chanel HK?
  6. The cerf is a great work bag! Have you seen the new cerf-like bag that just came out?? It has CHANEL in silver across the top and it has some minor cross stitching.. really cute, but at over $3k, the original cerf is a much better buy.

  7. Usually I'll go to the Chanel boutique at Pacific Place to check out what's new and what's in - coz a lot of tourists go there, everybody is busy and I wouldn't feel too guilty (or embarassed) for not buying anything. :graucho: But the "feng shui" at the Prince's Building store must have effect on me, I seldom get out empty-handed!
  8. Hi there, so nice to have the HKCA here. I am a 100% HKer who lives here since my birth. I started to collect my Chanel handbags and accessories since March, 2007. Now, I have a cerf tote(you're right! It's a good working bag), a baby cabas, 2 reissues and 1 e/w flap, 1 clutch, 1 evening bag, 1 wallet, few pairs of earrings, 1 pendant and...1 pearl necklace. Indeed my passion has been suppressed for quite a while...now my next target is purple reissue..I really want to get it.
    I am working..otherwise, I really cannot afford all my desire...
  9. I went to the Princes Building boutique today to check if it has the orange dress from the Cruise 08 collection in my size. I was seriously taken aback when a very nice SA told me that I could not just buy the dress and that I had to buy the horrible horrible jacket as well!!! Why?
    BTW, I really really dislike the manager there. She's so snotty for no good reason!!!:shrugs:

    And welcome everyone who joins this thread!! HELLO!!!
  10. Hi, it's nice to meet you all here. I'm a 100% HKers and a homemaker now. I started to collect Chanel handbags and accessories since early 2007. Most of the time I read the thread only. I wish I will participate more from now on.
  11. What do you girls think of buying chanel's at the france stations or any of those consignment stores. The purses seem really new but they are quite overpriced. Does anyone have experiences buying things there?
  12. hi ladies. great to have HKCA.
    i'm a HKer since birth, spent some time in US during university but came back afterwards. my chanel passion started around 4 years ago, the first purchase was a chanel necklace in orange/rust gold which the length can be adjusted. i found this forum when i did my search on my 1st chanel bag - medium beige caviar flap, 2 years ago. now i got 1 chanel bag, 2 necklace, 1 earrings, 1 ballet flats and 1 chanel wallet. the wallet is the bday gift from DH last year.. :p

    i work as a solution sales in a large co. i normally go to chanel at peninsula and TST DFS since i live in the kowloon side. my lovely SA is in DFS so i'll give her a call if i want anything. i dislike the shop at pacific place the most, the SAs are unfriendly, only serve the tourists and ignore local ppl like me (maybe i dress in windbreaker and runners..). anyway, if i don't feel good, i won't bother and rather not spend there, instead i'll ask my lovely SA to locate for me.

    regarding purchase at the "stations", i don't have such experience, but the goods there seems to be authentic. the price is too scary and i normally just take a look and leave..
  13. btw, i saw a jumbo white flap in peninsula shop few days ago, not sure if it's caviar or lambskin since it's on display and i saw from a long way...
  14. any 08 s/s collection on stock now?
  15. Last year at around July I bought a medium size black Paris-Biarritz (mint condition at $7,000) at France Station. Later my "hybrid" arrived and so I resold to the shop again. There is a rule that if you resell the bag to them within 3 months (of course with receipt) then you can still get 70% of the original price. My experience with the "stations" are quite ok.....indeed some of the bags (esp. those being sought after) are overpriced, somehow it depends on how serious you want to own the bag!