Hong Kong Chanel bag-collection...

  1. Hi all,

    My mum is going to HK in May and she wants to buy a bag for me... :nuts:
    (I have to wait soooo long here for my Cabas, so i just wanna try my luck in HK ;) )

    I found some adresses at Chanel.com, but i don't know which store has the largest bag-collection?!:graucho:

    Any suggestions here? Thanks!!! :p

    Shop 337 Pacific Place
    Hong Kong

    Ground Floor & Mezzanine Floor Prince's Building
    Hong Kong

    Ground Floor Lee Gardens
    Hong Kong

    Lobby Level InterContinental Hong Kong

    Lobby Level Peninsula Hotel

    Chinachem Golden Plaza 77 Mody Road Tsimshatsui East
  2. Well, I think all of them are big enough to have many different collection except that of DFS. Its only because I don't know about the DFS much. But, as a HKer, I have difficulty in getting one cabas, I also have to waitlist that in USA. Sorry to make you disappointed. But you can find others good looking collection in any of the Chanel shops.

    Good luck and happy shopping.


  3. I think the biggest shops are the ones in Prince Bldg, Admiralty Pacific Place, Lee Gardens and Tsim Sha Tsui. The other shops are pretty small.
  4. Pacific place i think, plus the chanel boutique at the airport also has a pretty good inventory.
  5. I like lee gardens. The chanel is HUGE and it's a relatively quiet mall.

    Pacific place is not as big...but it'll be easier to find the store.
  6. i am visiting HK in a few months.. i am sooo excited!! lolx...
  7. Thanks guys! Guess i just need to have more patience and wait for my Cabas to arrive here ;)... But my mum can still bring some Chanel goodies home! :rolleyes:
  8. What sort of Cabas are you looking for? Singapore have a denim one left for S$2700.
  9. I'm surprised. cos my friends mom had to get one from HK because she was told it was sold out in SG. And she's some kind of super VIP there. HAHA. :smile:
  10. Thanks, we have a denim here too, i'm waiting for the bronze Coco Cabas :yes:
  11. That's strange!! I was in there on Thursday and Sunday and I saw it twice. They had to take it out the back.

    1-2 months ago a friend of mine called the Singapore store asking about a ring which she was after but they told her it sold out. I went there on Thursday and bought it (before I knew she wanted it). Maybe they received some refill drops?
  12. ^ Maybe these items are reserved... I think some VVIPs would reserve stock of items but they might not go down immediately to purchase them. They do some times give up an item after looking at the actual thing, I believe. There was this chain belt that was on display for the longest time but it was actually reserved by an Indonesian customer. My friend wanted to get it but every time she went down, she was told that it was reserved, long past the 3-day reservation policy... But the kind SA did tell her that she would contact her if the Indonesian lady doesn't want it.
  13. wow...If you can still find it in an HK store, I'd be very surprised!! I cant even find a marc jacobs bag I want a few days after it comes out...
  14. Probably not, i'm usually not that lucky :sad: ... But, I'm going to get the bronze CC. It is almost certain that they are having stock in August or September :nuts: [not really a bad thing, I can buy other nice stuff right now and save some money for the CC]. The Chanel staff [here in Amsterdam] also told me that they might receive some vinyl CC's as well, but they are not certain about that... :rolleyes:
  15. Might receive some vinyl CCs? :o Wow really? That would be great! Everywhere I've inquired have said no no no :sad: