Hong Kong based Chanel lovers

  1. Some of you know I used to live there and frequented the Prince's Bldg store often. My DH is going to be there next year and my SA from that store sent me an email just to see how I am doing!! How cool is that?? Anyway I told her he would be there to buy stuff for me - can anyone out there tell me what is available in the stores? Specifically and flaps - the colors as they usually order different stuff that what is here.

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. Recently, they seem to only have beige and black flaps...there are some Hollywoods in Gold from the Cruise 08 collection, but it seems the stock is very limited at PB at the moment as they have had a lot of events and bags have been selling quickly...
  3. I know hong kong is popular as a shopping country in asia... does all the branded bags here are authenticated?...
  4. Chai15,

    If you buy from the branded stores or high end dept store, all the merchandises are real. Don't worry about it. But if you were to buy from individual boutiques (not authorized dealer) and the price is cheaper than retail, then you should think twice. That should be just like anywhere else in the world. Don't trust things that are too good to be true. ;)
  5. I will have the DH check out the beige flaps. Thanks.
  6. there are quite a few beige flaps at the pacific place's chanel boutique, but i can't remember seeing it when i was at the prince building one today. hope this helps.
  7. The shops have some new flaps now, they look like they are the Icons collection flaps...some nice colours, pink, grey, blue...I also didint see any beige flaps when I was in Princes' Building on Thursday.
  8. Thanks guys - I think the DH only has time to hit the Prince's Bldg store since he is staying at the Mandarin but I have told him what to look for any my SA is waiting for him - but she is leaving her job soon. She was the best. I will miss her.
  9. Who is your SA?
  10. Melody - she is leaving Dec 2nd.
  11. She's my SA too. Too bad she's leaving cos she is one of the best SA's there. Just to update you again on stock, there is a white jumbo flap at Prince's building.
  12. my favorite store is New World intercontinental branch, since NObody goes there and usually had what I'd asked for

  13. Thanks for the tip - DH should be wondering into Chanel in exactly 4 hours!!!!