Hong Kong Bag Prices

  1. I will be in Hong Kong beginning of 2008 and was looking to purchase a bag. I live in NYC and was wondering if there are any 'deals' to be had there. Bags I like include Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Chanel and Lanvin.
  2. i suppose u should go into the brand section to ask your questions.
  3. well, idk about hong kong, but my SA told me that Neimans is having a sale starting this tuesday that will be running until the end of december. 30% off on select balenciaga, bottega, chloe(?), prada, etc
  4. Thanks LV addict for the Neiman scoop. I'm new to this entire purse forum, so I had no clue that there is a place to direct my inquiries.
  5. ^all forums have the search function to assist you in locating relevant/related posts. it takes a bit of time and effort to scour thru the numerous posts that have already been contributed by members.

    for balenciaga, check out Joyce. there're consigment stores too. here's the result of my search on the words "joyce" and "hong kong":


    hopefully, you can find updates on year-end sales in the other designer forums. HK does seem to offer relatively better deals, at least to us asians, plus it's more accessible to us than say USA or Paris.