Hong Kong and Bangkok! Trendy Hot Spots??

  1. Traveling to Bangkok and Hong Kong next week, does anyone have any recomendations for the hottest spots (resturants, bars, nightlife, shopping??) Please help, I have no idea where to start, and can't seem to find any "cool" websites to help either.:confused1:
    I'm staying at the Intercontinental Hong Kong and the Peninsula in Bangkok. I do want to check out the casinos in Macau, just to see what they are like, how far are they from Hong Kong?
    Thank you!
  2. anyone???
  3. For Hong Kong:

    Go to Central (Lan Kwai Fong) and Soho and Causeway Bay for food and shopping and nightlife. All three are on Hong Kong island. Also go to The Peak for an amazing view of the city at night. Stanley Beach (take the number 6 bus from Exchange Square in Central or the number 40 minibus from behind Times Square in Causeway Bay) to shop for souvenirs and go to the beach. There are better beaches in Sai Kung but it's cold now so you might want to re-think that. Causeway Bay is excellent for shopping. Visit the Milan Station or Paris Station near Times Square for 2nd hand and new handbags. Remember to bargain a LITTLE but don't go crazy. Sogo is a Japanese department store. Right next to it is Island Beverley and across from that is Causeway bay Place. Both places are filled with little boutiques that sell cheaper clothing.

    Go to Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) on Kowloon island for more shopping. There's the Lady's Market in Mong Kok that is great for shopping. You can bargain there. The shopping centers in Mong Kok are pretty cool and filled with little boutiques too. TST's big mall is Ocean Terminal and that has a lot of nice shops too.

    Macau can be reached via Ferry which is in Sheung Wan (next to Central and is walking distance from IFC) The ferry boats are about 1.5 hours long if I remember right. Stay at the Venetian or Wynn.

    For brand name shopping visit Landmark in Central or Pacific Place in Admiralty. If you have time, swing by Cova Cafe for high tea in Admiralty. They have the must delicious cakes!

    To get from Hong Kong island to Kowloon, you can either take the bus (not recommended for tourists), ferry (you can get on at the pier behind IFC in Central which also has a big mall for high-end brands), taxi (a little more pricey...around 10-15 dollars US and there's a tunnel fee), or the MTR. There are MTR (like a subway) throughout Hong Kong and you can go almost ANYWHERE on them. They are the most common form of transport for locals and tourists and are cheap, convenient and easy to navigate.

    The Intercontinental has a BEAUTIFUL VIEW in Hong Kong and it's very well known for its buffet so remember to give it a try if you have time. It's in Tsim Sha Tsui so remember to walk around.

    Over all, Hong Kong is pretty safe at night but don't be stupid and go to the karaokes with big flashing signs Wink If you really want to karaoke, I suggest you head to either Neway, Redbox, Greenbox or CEO. They are chain stores and have cheaper rates during afternoons on weekdays.

    As mentioned before, Soho has great places to eat and so does Lan Kwai Fong. Causeway Bay also has great restaurants. My family always visits one called 'Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant'. The food is wonderful and the service is great. Plus, it's been there for over 40 years! Th flagship store is in Causeway Bay and is located right next to the Manulife Building and Lee Garden. It's on Hysan Avenue. If you want the number it's 25768886.

    It's pretty chilly here ATM but it's supposed to warm up so do bring a sweater in case. Sales are still going on so check out Lane Crawford for good deals on CL's etc. Twist in Causeway Bay is also great for designer items that are a bit cheaper than market price.

    As for staying at the Peninsula in Bangkok: I really enjoyed my stay. It's not as new as the Oriental but the service is really good and the rooms are big. In Thailand, remember to visit the night bazaars...so much shopping!! Siam Paragon has nice shopping, albeit a little pricey. Good restaurants there too. If you can find 'Curries and More' it's great for food. I don't remember where it is exactly but i'm sure you can Google it. There is a HUGE mall next to the Grand Hyatt and that's got lots of good shopping. There is also the 4-faced Buddha there. Visit the Grand Palace and ride around on a tuk-tuk. They should be CHEAP like 30 baht. People will try to rip you off so BARGAIN for EVERYTHING (not restaurants or shops, please). Cabs are cheap but the traffic is horrible so take the Sky Train when you can, although it might be more expensive than a taxi. DO NOT eat street food if you can help it.

    MBK is a cheaper mall and it's HUGE. BARGAIN THERE!! lots of fake Junk Food tee's :p Floating Market is nice but you'll need to travel to get there. Ask the concierge at your hotel for how to get there.

    Visit a spa for a relaxing massage. The Oriental's spa is FAMOUS and very well rated. They have good clubs in Bangkok but I dont' know which ones are better, sorry.

    If you can, squeeze in a day trip to Pattaya you should do so! It's about 2 hours drive so hire a driver for the day for under 2000 baht.

    Enjoy your trip and let me know if I can help you. :biggrin:
  4. Dear toiletduck-
    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. I so needed some real advice. You have no idea how much this helps me. You spent so much time giving me wonderful advice on all the things a toursit like me needs!:dothewave:
    Does it make sense to buy designer stuff while I'm there, or is it pretty much the same pricing as here?

    Again, Thank You!!:rolleyes:
  5. Hi...I would like to chime in with HK advice!!!!
    Try to have dinner or a drink at Aqua. It is very close to your hotel (walking distance) at 1 Peking Rd., and is super cool!!! There are a few Milan Stations in the TST area (where you ar staying), and I find that their prices can be more negotiable than the ones on HK island.
    Lan Kwai FOng is a must!!!! My favorite restaurants there are Tokyo Joe's (sushi....try the dragon rolls), and there is a vietnamese restaurant that is very well known (I have just forgotten the name)....that I will try to get back to you with.
    Try to go to Ap Lei Chau (this is an area) to the South Horizons Building. There is a Lane Crawford, Joyce, Max Mara, and Prada outlet there. Actually the Prada outlet is right down the street (it is called Space), but is very close by. Very worth the time it takes to get there.
    If you get a craving for US food while there...Agave in Lan Kwai Fong has GREAT mexican food...and the best margaritas that I have ever had!!!
    I don't know much about Bangkok...but I did shopping tours in HK for 4 years...so I can try to answer any more questions...if you have any.
  6. NP! Annemerrick also gave some great places to shop and eat. I'd heard about the Lane Crawford etc. outlets but didn't hear good things about them. Perhaps you'll have better luck than my friends!

    Also, as Annemerrick said, the consignment stores in Kowloon side probably have better deals because the rent might be slightly cheaper. You should always bargain at Milan Station!

    Designer stuff in HK is probably around the same price in the US BUT you save on the tax. I suggest you make rounds at your local Chanel, Coach, Miu Miu etc. and check the prices here when you come. I'm pretty sure that LV is cheaper than the US but I could be wrong. Have fun! :yahoo:
  7. P.S. Hong Kong's one of the cheapest places in the WORLD for diamonds so you might want to pick something that sparkles up ;)

    Shanghai Tang in Central (it's on Pedder street across from Landmark) is great for tailor making and buying ready made traditional Chinese clothing (it's more pricey than going to China tho). Also, you should walk around in Central because they have a huge LV flagship Store, the CL Boutique (on the hill behind the Marks & Spencer Dept. Store), Chanel and Hermes stores around there.
  8. annemerrick and toiletduck, I just want to kiss you right now!:yahoo:MMMMWAH!

    I've already printed out your posts and I'm working on getting the addresses for the places you mentioned from the web, now I feel like I'm prepared, I SO want to go shopping right now, too!!
    annemerrick- you sound like a food-ie, great recommendations, even throwing in "the best margarita" spot, niiiice! I promise to have a drink at Aqua too!
    Just last night my dh was like, "you really need to do some research so that we see all the cool stuff that we need to see" and i'm thinking to myself "oh yeah, no problem, I can do it after work and right after I pack your bag, pick up your meds, pay next months bills in advance, stock the fridge for the dog sitter...." HA. he doesn't know about my secret weapons, annemerrick and toiletduck! :boxing:
    THANK YOU again.