Hong Kong 5 Canton Road Relaunch Goodies!

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  1. Hello

    I got invited to the re-launch of the World's second largest LV flapship in HK and I thought it would be nice to share with you guys the goodies I got. Nice stuff they got there but too pricey in my opinion. :smile: OMG I saw Kanye West and Chow Yun Yat!!!! HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT! LOL!


    More random pics:
    Loads of Bellevue Miroir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Wow thats awesome!! It looks so pretty over there and congrats on the goodies! Lucky girl:smile:!
  3. oo gorgeous! thanks for sharing
  4. wowza! how does one get invited to a store opening? awesome pictures....thanx for sharing.
  5. Aww I wish I was in Hong Kong right now. I miss it so much...but I don't want to go cause of the recent case of bird flu.
  6. Great pictures, thanks for sharing! And awesome bracelet!
  7. chow yun fatt! i used to idolize him when i was a little girl!
  8. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm incredibly jealous! LOL jk! Well just a little bit! Glad it was fun!
  9. wow that looks amazing!! i am so jealous!
  10. Wow, very cool! I'm jealous!
  11. oh how fun! so jealous!!!
  12. wow nice bracelet! LV is a big deal in HK!
  13. lucky ducky! i am sure u had fun :biggrin:
    and chow yun fat! he is so hot~
  14. OMG..:wtf: bet it was awesome there..:yes::tup:
  15. Congrats, you're so lucky to have been there!