HONEYMOON Recommendations - Where To and Why?

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  1. We're planning our honeymoon for this upcoming November. We're from the US and want to go international. We're allotting two weeks for this special vacation. Only problem is we can't decide where to go...

    Here are some ideas we have so far:

    1. Santorini and Paris (beautiful but will have to do our own excursion planning)
    2. Spain and Canary Islands (beautiful but Canary Islands lack the beaches that my fiancé wanted)
    3. Maldives (beautiful but expensive and exploring seeks limited due to culture?)

    We have pros and cons for all three places, hence the difficult decision. We're not necessarily locked in on just these places so if you have been to these places and have any input, we'd love to hear it. Also, we'd be very happy to hear any recommendations for other places.

    Thank you!!
  2. Out of all three of those, I would go with option #1. Santorini is one of the most beautiful places in the world and since this is your honeymoon, you can't get more romantic than Paris!

  3. I really do love it too! I mentioned your recommendation to my fiancé and we looked at the weather...unfortunately, 60-70s only during that time of the year
  4. Though Santorini really is beautiful, I think you would enjoy it better during summer time and November will be too cold and the off season. #2 would be the best option for you guys and maybe you can look into Majorca? I'm not sure about what there weather would be like! Good luck& have fun planning!

  5. Thank you so much for the recommendation! Majorca looks beautiful! Def having the fiancé look into that. Have you been to the Canary Islands or know anything about it?
  6. Hi, what kind of beaches are you looking for? Canary Islands have great beaches.

  7. We were just in Hawaii and we loved the beaches there! Idk what kind of beaches they have in Canary Islands so if you have any recommendations or input, I'd love to hear it bc we were actually leaning towards that but we just didn't have much Information. Thank you!!
  8. Hi, I'll vote for option nr2, as I looove the Canary Islands. The weather is always good, and there are lot's of lovely beaches and interesting places to visit.

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  9. Aww thank you!! I'm assuming you've been there? Any recommendations or insights? I would really appreciate it!
  10. We've also thrown in Bali into the mix...thoughts anyone?
  11. What about Bora Bora? Beach to die for!

  12. We did! Unfortunately, the flights alone would be too expensive. We don't mind spending more on the hotel/resort if the flights weren't too expensive but I think the flights to bora bora were over $2k...
  13. Yes, a couple of times, to Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Both are beautiful. Gran Canaria maybe a bit more interesting, lovely resorts but also nice public beaches. Playa de Amadores is fantastic, google it for pictures. Puerto de Mogan is a small fishing village/port near it. I'm not sure if we're allowed to name hotels here, but if you take a look around Maspalomas, there are some amazing hotels in that area, right by the sea side. The beach in Maspalomas looks like Sahara, all sand dunes everywhere, very unusual. Columbus spent some time on the Canary Islands before setting off on his journey to discover the new world, and his "house" is now a museum, situated in the capital of Gran Canaria. Amazing, the energy of that place, the house itselft so beautiful and interesting.

    Tenerife has lovely places too, volcanic black sand beaches, lovely villages (Los Gigantes), then also some Miami Beach looking towns (Playa de las Americas, Costa de Adeje) and a very pretty and charming capital Puerto de la Cruz. I didn't visit the volcano as I was pregnant when we were there, but they say it's worth the ride up the mountains.

    I've lived in Spain, and both islands are kind of "not Spanish", like they're a world of their own. Everyone speaks English, which is not the case on the mainland, and it's very tourist oriented, but at the same time it has a specific authentic atmosphere.

  14. Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! You have no idea how much this helps. I will forward this message to the fiancé and see what he says. Thank you!! Any idea what the weather is like in November? We were worried that it was going to be too cold...
  15. You're welcome :smile:

    I've never been there in November, but I know that the climate is like "always spring", though the summers get quite hot too, last year we went in August, it was 34 degrees Celzius. I was there in March once, and we went for a swim in the ocean several times, also a lot of the hotels have heated pools. It can get windy, especially in Tenerife and some of the smaller islands (I've heard from friends). Very sunny, and the views are lovely