Honeymoon Loot

  1. Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I posted and so much has happened!!! Guess what I found on honeymoon in Honolulu??? It's for my mother. It's is the bag she has been dreaming of.[​IMG]
  2. oohhh lala!
  3. keep pretending like its your honeymoon and take it OFF!
  4. OMG... you got married!!!! Congratulations!!
  5. naughty girl :graucho:

  6. Ok! I'll be real easy tonight since it's getting late in London.[​IMG]
  7. Thanks Rose :heart:

  8. Wow! How beautiful!!!
  9. She's a 32 Rouge Garrance Epsom HAC with ph. She's so beautiful.

    DSCF0797.JPG DSCF0799.JPG
  10. My mother really wanted a red birkin and we were having trouble finding a stiffer leather. I just walked into the H on Waikiki and another tourist was fondling her. She but it down and I ran right over. The SA said it has only been on the floor for 10 minutes. I've never seen a 32 HAC IRL before. I think the HAC is really elegant and the size is perfect for my mother.
  11. Beautiful!! I'm sure your mother will be absolutely thrilled.
  12. Gorgeous!!! That was definitely a lucky find, and what a darling daughter you are!
    Congratulations on your wedding, also. :heart:
  13. Congrats on your wedding, I hope it was just a majestic day!!! and you are so sweet finding this perfect bag for your lovely mom. I really loved meeting you & your beautiful mom. Give her my best?
  14. Thanks Cynthia and Cym. She absolutely adores it. She didn't know about the HAC before and now she's a big fan.
  15. O and I:heart:your avatar, you look stunning.