Travel Honeymoon in Jan or Feb -where??

Sep 12, 2009
Our delayed honeymoon is scheduled for January or February. I want warm and exotic. Things to do, in the water or on land, but also a bit of luxury. For example, my ideal would be Turtle Island in Fiji, but I am scared to even call about the price! We can do "normal" luxury, but not extreme. Thanks so much for any ideas!


Mar 30, 2007
All of the southern hemisphere will be in summer in Jan or Feb though not too sure what the wet seasons are in the more tropical places.

Some ideas in the southern hemisphere could be:

- other places in Figi? or maybe Vanuatu?
- Seychelles
- Bali is supposedly really nice and relaxed and is really really cheap, I know people who spend 2 months every year in Bali because they love it so much.
- Cairns and the great barrier reef in Australia?


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Jun 28, 2009
Maybe will be not exotic enough for you , but Hawaii is perfect in Jan or Feb.....the best time to go there ...I prefer Honolulu ....lots of fun if you want be busy and all the time smily stay an Waikiki ( try Moana Surfrider Resort Honolulu ) and beautiful far places from Waikiki ( try Turtle Bay Resort ) if you need just time for romantic honeymoon . If you wanna only time with your hubby Maui can be more boring but also beautiful . Good luck for you !!!!!!!!!!


Jul 6, 2007
Costa Rica is AMAZING....there r some very posh places to stay there too
My first thought was Costa Rica too. My husband's business partner went for his honeymoon and he said it was amazing and worth every penny (he is notoriously "tight" with his money).

New Zealand would be really nice weather wise, but I'm not sure how much luxury is really even available. I just came back from NZ a week and a half ago and it was amazing. It's really active/outdoorsy if you guys would be into that for your honeymoon.

Hawaii is always a great choice for a domestic destination (I'm assuming you're in the US?). Great snokeling/diving and all manner of water sports. Maui and Kauai are my favorite islands.

What about South Africa? We went on safari in Kenya and Tanzania for our honeymoon and it was seriously incredible. I found it very romantic and intimate. (we also spent a few days in Zanzibar for the beach) You could do half beach/city time and half safari.

Seychelles is beautiful but really expensive. I haven't been, but from what I've heard there's nothing to do after the sun goes down (which might not be a huge problem on your honeymoon!).
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May 21, 2009
I would go to Australia. AMAZING weather, not too expensive and a huge range of options.


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Jun 5, 2009
A cruise in the Caribbean. I did that on my honeymoon and it was at the end of January beginning of Feb and we had a great time


Jan 21, 2010
Maldives! Feb. is their driest month of the year. You can get good deals on travelocity, etc. Most places offer all-inclusive packages and the prices really range. You can save a lot if you get a basic room as opposed to a water villa, which most resorts offer. Good luck :smile:

I did Bahamas in Jan. and it wasn't hot enough for me. March is great in general for the Caribbean. Not sure about February as I haven't been during that month.

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Nov 3, 2006
Somewhere South...
We just returned from Secrets Wild Orchid in Monetgo Bay. It's fabulous-only 9 months old-great food, fun, and service. It's an all inclusive place and the weather was outstanding. You must be 18 to stay there-lots of honeymooners when we were there, and all of the rooms face the beach. The only buffet is for breakfast, otherwise they are all sit down restaurants-they have French, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Jamaican, and lots of bars and pools. We had an outstanding stay there!


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Jul 25, 2010
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What about Maldives? Anyone been there? Is it the right time of year?
The Maldives are beyond gorgeous but you have to have bank to go there. And you have to be someone who likes remaining in the resort area and is not interested in going off the beaten track. The government is very protective of it's nation and allows tourists really only to remain in the resorts and scheduled sightseeing activities. You can't go off on your own.

And the resorts.. beyond amazing but extremely expensive.


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Jul 25, 2010
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I second Bali for a fantastic price range (they have super expensive resorts on the beach but also mid range priced places that are nice) and beauty. If you're willing to stay up in the mountains, you can stay at these unbelievably amazing places that cost very little.

Costa Rica will also be nice that time of year and is very cheap, but the Caribbean will be chillier than what you probably want.

If you like Fiji, you should check it out because you can find good deals.

Anywhere in Polynesia and Micronesia would be great that time of year because it's warm and the rainy season hasn't started. However, it is known as their prime tourist time.


Sep 25, 2006
What about Maldives? Anyone been there? Is it the right time of year?
my dream destination..
maybe one day.

This place below was voted #1 honeymoon place by US travel agents a few years back..
it was also featured in the Bachlorette(sp?)..

Recently Travelzoo had super cheap rates on this hotel..
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I LOVE that site..
CheapCaribbean has great rates too!
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Aug 14, 2009
Australia would be great! SO and I just got back from there for the second time---we just love it that much! Cairns would be great, except I would go just a bit north to Port Douglas (it's a little less touristy). It's very tropical. You could go diving or snorkeling, tour the rainforest (I highly recommend), go jungle surfing, do a river crocodile tour, all sorts or water activities, lay on the beach and more. There are some BEAUTIFUL places to stay depending on your budget. Also there are some really beautiful islands off the coast you could stay at depending on your budget too. Perhaps you could fly into one for just a night or two (I would recommend lizard island---it would be great for a honeymoon). But there is just so much to do. Oh and the restaurants in port douglas were really good too!

If you have any questions let me know. Also there are some fun places to go further south in australia---just not as tropical.


Jan 2, 2010
How about Thailand? You could go to Phuket or Ko Samui. Or Bali as some of the ladies suggested.

I would also recommend Australia. It'll be nice and warm in Jan and Feb.