HONEYMOON: help me pick a spot!

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  1. So, I'm getting married in May and my fiance is such a kid at heart. He really wanted to go to Hershey Park (yes, I'm serious) for the honeymoon and I told him that while I think it would be really fun, it's better left for a family vacation and not our ONE honeymoon.

    We're not going immediately, he's a teacher and will finish up the school year by early June so we'll have the summer off together (I just moved back, not working yet). We'll probably go in June, but we could wait also for a better season (some places are too hot in June, maybe prices better later, etc).

    So, I need your suggestions. While far off places like Fiji would be amazing, it's just really out of our budget. We love Europe but I just moved back to the US from Europe so it's not at the very top of my list. I was thinking maybe something in the US, Canada, Mexico, or Carribean? Or maybe even Central America?

    Here's some general info:
    - needs to be not outrageously expensive of a destination (i.e. Fiji, St. Bart's)
    - we love the beach/live close to the ocean but have never done a beach/island vacation
    - we like cities, but nothing to stressful for the honeymoon please (i.e. NYC, already lived there)
    - we are NOT outdoorsy, so skiing, hiking, etc destinations are out
    - we speak French
    - we LOVE Paris but been there too many times
    - we love avante gaurd art, film, music, etc

    Can you give me your best or personal suggestions? All your help is much appreciated! Thanks :flowers:
  2. If your hubby-to-be is a kid at heart, how about going to Florida? That way, you guys could have a beach vacation, it wouldn't be too expensive and you could visit (and maybe stay in one of the resorts?) Disney World!
  3. What time of year will your honeymoon be. I was thinking you could go do soemthing like the French Riviera or the Amalfi coast in Italy, but would need to be in June, July, August to get the best beach weather.

    If it's during another time of year, the Caribbean is always a good choice. Aruba or Cayman Islands would be nice for a beach honeymoon. My DH and I went to Hawaii for ours, but it sounds like the Caribbean would be closer to you.
  4. ^^ Josephine, I was thinking this too actually. We've never been to Italy, he's Italian, and I remember once looking at pics of Capri and thinking it was amazing. Is that Amalfi coast?
  5. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
    Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
    La Romana, Dominican Republic
    Atlantis in Paradise Island, The Bahamas
    Puerto Rico
    Los Cabos, Mexico
  6. Hubby and I went to Maui. I LOVED it! We didn't stay in a hotel...it was sort of an apartment style condo rental so we had our own little kitchen and living room area. We were right on the beach and the view was amazing. The price was reasonable - it was a package with a car and airfare.

    We went snorkling a ton and went on two different boat rides. My favorite was with a company called Trilogy...it was AMAZING! They served fresh cinnamon rolls cooked right on the boat, and we sailed out and snorkaled and saw turtles. It was fantastic.

    I like Maui because it's not as crowded as the big island, and where we stayed we were sort of 'off the beaten path' away from the big hotels.

    (The only problem was the heat for us! It was an unusually hot year when we went. And normally no air conditioning wouldn't be an issue because we were literally right on the beach and there would normally be a breeze...but not that year. ack!)
  7. Its an island off the coast. You can get there easily from Naples or other places have ferries over too, I bet. You could do Capri, the Amalfi coast, like Positano, visit Naples and can even go to Sicily depending on how long your trip is. Sicily has some great places to visit. Capri can be a little on the expensive side to stay on because it is such a small island that they can charge a lot for you to stay there. You could always stay on the mainland Italy and go out for a day trip or just go for part of your trip too if the cost gets too high. The Amalfi coast is where I'm headed this summer:smile:Can't go wrong with Italy!

    I thought you said no Europe, but since you're considering it, my choice would be the Greek Isles! And the coasts of Croatia & Turkey. My friend was going to do that for her honeymoon before they switched the date of her wedding and now that isn't an option. But it sounded like a lot of fun before they had to change plans.
  8. If you are considering Europe after all, the Italian trip is nice - or Scotland (my BIG love)

    otherwise, I would go to Canada or Martha's Vineyard or one of those places in the Atlantic - have to admit that I have never been but will go as soon as I have the money, until then Europe will have to do.
  9. The Greek islands are a gorgeous and perfect destination for a honeymoon! Great beaches, delicious food, and every island has great affordable accomodations!
  10. Wow, so many nice ideas. I am slightly considering Europe, but like I said, we've been a lot and I lived there so I want to try new places out. However, I love the Greek isles idea, and I heard Croatia is a hidden gem, not your everyday honeymoon!

    Martha's Vineyard sounds interesting, is it on the beach? Any other Atlantic suggestions?
  11. Aruba, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Bahamas, the East Coast, Cayman Islands, Mexico - so many places you could travel!!!
  12. Congratulations!!!!!:drinkup:
  13. I would suggest Florida too, there's a lot to do here. My husband and I came here to Florida for our honeymoon and went to Disney. My husband had never been to Florida let alone Disney. Your soon to be husband is a kid at heart and Disney might even bring out the kid in you. We love it there. We lived in Jersey at the time and moved here 6 months after we were married (2001). There's not just Disney to do here either, there are tons of things to do.
  14. We went to St Lucia for our honeymoon - loved it!

    We also considered Antigua, Jamaica, and Bermuda.

    Key West would be nice, too!
  15. Your suggestions SCREAMMMM Aruba!!