Honeymoon advice - Australia, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow/Saint Petersburg or.....?!

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  1. Hi all - I'm planning my honeymoon and would appreciate any advice or suggestions on where to go! We are thinking maybe Australia, Hong Kong, or Tokyo, but are open to other ideas! This would be in October, November, or December.

    We'd like to go something that has great restaurants, shops, museums, etc. I love the beach, but am not someone who can spend every day laying in the sun for a week or two straight! We also don't speak any language other english, so would need to be able to navigate fairly easily with just that. I have always wanted to go to Russia, but am not sure how safe it is for young western travellers?

  2. Queenstown, NZ. Granted, it probably won't be warm but romantic and tons of adventure stuff to do. Boat rides, bungee, helicopter tours. You won't be bored. :smile:
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    I agree with New Zealand it is beautiful and fun but is even better if you like all of the adventure sports.

    Of your list I would say Russia would be the nicest place for you to go to because of all of the history, architecture, culture etc. But.... it is really hard for you to naviagate if you don't speak russian because I believe there is rarely an english option on things like ATM's, train tickets and no one speaks English. From my experience when you go to countries that you can't speak one work of the language is highly stressful so the last thing you want is a divorce beofre the honeymoon finishes:lol:

    Hong Kong in my opinion is best for an insane shopping trip not a honeymoon.

    I think Tokyo might be romantic but I think it might be cold that time of year and really busy. I don't know much about Tokyo so it is probably best to leave this to another forum member to tell you about.

    What I do know about is Australia. Although I am an Australian I am pretty unbiased when it comes to my own country because I personally find it laclustre and I have never really had much initiative to go on holidays here I much prefer overseas destinations. But I think Australia would be great for what you are after because
    - We obviously have great beaches to sun yourself when you want or go for a quick dip
    - We have wonderful restaurants. I have travelled to a lot of countries and I genuinely think Australia has some of the worlds best food. Lots of our food is non "fussy" or pretentious, you get good sizes, great flavours and best of all it is FRESH. Whenever I am not home I always long for fresh food because no one else does it as well. You can get the best things like steaks that aren't all greasy with nice salads and giant seafood platters that were caught that morning, fresh fruit salads and yoghurt with musli is generally what is served for breakfast in hotels.
    We have a really vibrant cafe culture compared to other places. Heaps of people spend their mornings eating a lazy breakfast at a cafe. I always go down to my local cafe that overlooks kilometers of beaches and the sun hits the water so it glistens and you get a bit plate of gourmet food for example fresh olive sourdough with rocket, avocado, feta, tomato, egg etc . I probably am really biased about our food actually. Our cakes aren't as good as somewhere like France but if you want fresh Australia is best.

    - Our shops aren't world class at all. We of course have some designers and department stores but is it no London or New York city. Probably the best shopping you can do is at little boutiques we have dotted all over the place in the cities. Often they are run by independent designers who have nice cuts and good quality (not always cheap though).

    - It is easy to navigate and you can obviously speak the language.

    I think the best time of year to visit Australia is around the October to November time. It is starting to warm up but it isn't stifling. I personally am not a fan of hot weather so I think December is a bit too hot January and February are stifling.

    If you were going to honeymoon in Australia I would go to the great barrier reef and far north Queensland like cairns (although I think it starts to get into jellyfish season around December in the tropical North). You can visit the daintree and go on a charted yaught for a few days if you want.

    Another place that is nice is Byron Bay which is beachy and has a very laid back vibe although for one week in November it becomes like Cancun with all of the school leavers.

    The red centre I believe is really nice although I and no one I know has ever been there:wacko: It is a bit out of the way so to go there will take time and travelling commitment. I would say a tour to the Kimberleys in Western Australia would be nicer than Uluru.

    Tasmania is nice as well. You should check out if you think you would like to go here it has its merits and beauty but its sleepy and hard to get to.

    Sydney is Sydney. The harbour is one of the most beautiful places in the world and has great restaurants, museums, attraction but its still just a city.

    If I were you what I would do is start off in Melbourne. I would spend a few days there doing shopping and going to cafes and restaurants. Then I would hire a car and drive along the Great ocean road. It has some of the most spectacular scenery in the country overlooking the southern ocean. Adelaide is the end of the road and IMO boring but from there it is easy to get to the red centre so maybe something like this?:shrugs: I would personally also take a trip to somewhere like New Zealands South Island but of course its up to you, your budget and timeframe. I would add it to any Australian itinerary.

    Just highlighting Australias otions if you want to persue a honeymoon here further.

    Also Maybe somewhere like the south of France would be a nice Honeymoon Place?
  4. wow! thanks for all the great advice everyone
  5. I vote Tokyo. It's an amazing city.

  6. One other note - if necessary, make sure you are comfortable driving in the country of choice. I'm not bright enough to switch over to the left.. so there is that. :smile: Just account for drivers in your budget if you feel you will need them.
  7. I know it wasn't on your list, but Bath is steeped in history, as it has ancient Roman ruins and the original Roman Baths which were uncovered some years ago. The hot springs still run, and you can bathe in them at Bath Spa. It is a Georgian city (visited by Jane Austen), with gorgeous golden sandstone buildings, and is surrounded by beautiful, typically English, countryside.

    The Cotswolds are just north of Bath, and you can hire a Morgan sports tourer (car - you can check out their website if you like) and drive around the Cotswold villages, staying in lovely Bed and Breakfasts. It would be a real experience, rather than just a holiday. They cater especially for couples with a drive along the Romantic Road.

    I got free brochures from the UK Experience web site, and you can visit the Bath Tourism website and check it out if you think it sounds interesting.

    I've never been there, but long to go so much it makes me ache...

    Have a wonderful wedding, and wherever you go will be lovely because you'll be together.