Honeycomb question

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  1. Hey guys and gals,

    i like having my tea with honey. when i use regular honey from a bottle, it dissolves just fine.

    MY friend just gave me a honeycomb thingy and i used it for my tea except that everytime i do this, there is a film of oily looking circles on the surface of my tea. Does anyone know what is going on and why this is??

    Someone told me that honeycombs are to store bee cacoons. I didn't know this and almost threw up :throwup:and went back to check the honeycomb but it doesn't have anything that looks like baby bees to me in the honeycomb.

    so please fill me in on this oily substance and reassure me i'm not drinking baby bees.....
  2. I don't think it's baby bees, but it may be something equally as gross... like bee pee :throwup:

    More likely is that it's just dust or debris from whatever plant or environment the honey was made from/in since honeycomb contains unfiltered honey.
  3. I've read that more organic honey still has the honeycomb in it.

    Yes, it can store baby bees, but it also stores honey.

    I'm sure the beekeepers take the honey ones and not the baby bee ones.

    Maybe the oily stuff in the tea is the wax reacting with the liquid?

    This is from Webster's:
    1 : a mass of hexagonal wax cells built by honeybees in their nest to contain their brood and stores of honey
  4. I think it must be beeswax?
  5. Hmmm beeswax... what is beeswax.... i hope it's not like earwax.... =(

    I'm not sure why it gives that oily looking film though... it's a little disturbing...