Honeybunch, this one's for you. . .

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  1. Here's the family of e/w's that began with last winter's coral lamb. He was lonely and needed company, so gray caviar joined in to match with the fantasy coat. Why stop there with prices going up (yet again!!) so the last (no pun intended) to join the family is dark beige lamb.

    Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I'm enjoying the little Chanels. (Oh, btw, I didn't stop with just these either but that's another thread and more pics to be taken. They're mediums)


  2. Wow!!! These e/w are simply gorgeous!!!:drool::drool:
  3. Wow, you have the E/W in awesome color!!!! :nuts: Congratz!
  4. i love the grey!
  5. Gee,thanks. They've become my faves to carry because they're so light. If only I could magically transform the purple jumbo into an e/w or medium. I told him about Alice in Wonderland, but he likes being big -- much to my back's chagrin.
  6. i love all the colors!
  7. love that grey one!
  8. Those 3 colors look so pretty together :tup:
  9. gorgy! :love:enjoy them! :yes:a happy e/w family..:girlsigh:
  10. Gorgeous colours! i love them all, enjoy.
  11. wonderful pics...just what I needed to see. Gets me so excited :yahoo: to see beautiful bags like the ones you have. Your bags are so lucky to have you too!!!!!
  12. Gorgeous!!! Love the colors : )
  13. lovely color
  14. love the colors !!!
  15. you are one lucky lady! I love them all.