Honey wisteria spy OR whiskey paddy?

  1. I need your honest thoughts -- honey wisteria spy or whiskey paddy?

    I just happened to walk through Saks as a short cut back to work, and guess what was sitting there high on a shelf -- the WISTERIA HONEY SPY!! After seeing pics of Star's and LVAddict's on here, if you can believe it, this bag is EVEN MORE absolutely amazing IRL and is the most unbelievable color!! :love: It should come with a warning sign on it that once you make the mistake (like I did) of picking it up, you just won't be able to put it down. I'll stop gushing now ...

    here's my dilemma: The SA at Saks is holding onto the Wisteria until tomorrow, but I am SOOOO absolutely torn!!! I still continue to think about the whiskey paddy that I returned last month (long story that is part of another thread), and about the one that I managed to snag on BlueFly last Friday, but which I cancelled out of my frustration with BlueFly because my order also included two fake b-bags (that I did not want to deal with). I love them both and am soooo torn.

    ... this is just much too difficult. HELP -- what should I do??? :wondering
  2. Spppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyy!
  3. hey ya
    ekekekek.... um i reckon you should go the SPY!
    good luck!!
  4. I'd pick the Whiskey Paddy but I'm biased coz I have one which I absolutely love! The honey spy is nice too but I'm not sure about the wisteria bit.. Don't the flowers kinda sit flat? And I heard that dirt/dust tend to get in between all those flower folds.
  5. I can't help it, I have to vote for the Spy.
  6. The spy. I'm not a fan of the spy usually, but I gotta admit that the wisteria version is just lovely!!

    Plus it sounds like you and the paddy weren't meant to be....
  7. HI SerenitySue!! ... I hadn't thought about dirt getting in the flowers. The bag I saw had very perky flowers, but wonder if they wilt over time?? Does anyone know how the wisteria ages?
  8. Whiskey Paddy
  9. honey spy~!
  10. Spy! I think the Paddy prices will be dropping before too long and you can get one then.
  11. Spy!!!
  12. I'm not a fan of the spy so I'm going to vote paddy!
  13. pics please?
  14. i would say spy!
    and on the side note: if anyone wants a wisteria spy, they have one in holts at vancouver, bc, canada as of yesterday. i saw it just sitting there.. it's nice
  15. two great bags, you havea hard choice there to make. I say the spy and go after the paddy later.