Honey We're Killing The Kids

  1. Anyone else watch it?

    I've seen both the American and the British versions.

    It takes a family with unhealthy habits. The parents are shown what they will look like at 40 if they continue those habits. They are also told what their life spans will be.

    The counsellor makes some rules they are expected to follow. Each week they come back for some additional rules.

    At the end, the parents are shown what the kids will look like thanks to the lifestyle changes.

    (The American counsellor is mean and scary. The British one is nicer and more pleasant. The critique of the American one was that it seemed that people would rather continue the unhealthy lifestyle rather than deal with the wrath of the counsellor!)

    In both versions, the families are the same: no exercise, junk food, smoking parent(s).

    What surprised me, is that in the British version, some of the kids were smokers, too! And not teenagers, because you would expect that, but in one, an 11 year old was a smoker!
  2. I've only seen the US version. I liked it a lot. It was a bit cartoonish and over the top, which is why I liked it a lot. I hope they'll do more episodes!
  3. I don't like it-- I think the meals that they try to get kids to eat are unrealistic... I think they should offer the kids more healthy choices that are less foreign to them! These kids go from eating McDonalds and cookies to sushi and fried bok choy with tofu. I don't know ANY six year old who likes bok choy with tofu. :wtf: :shrugs:
  4. I'm watching the show, going, "They're NEVER going to eat THAT! Give them some chicken!"
  5. I don't like it... I think they try to over dramatize everything.
  6. LOL yes that just HAS to be intentional, and more designed for TV value - as when even the parents find the dishes inedible - than for actually helping the family transition toward a healthier diet.

    To take a family where both adults and children are accustomed to eat almost nothing but high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie, processed fast foods, and then for their first meal of their new plan, are set to chopping up mung bean sprouts and shredding carrots in order to produce some ultra-hard-core macrobiotic dish that would be spurned by 90% of California vegan hardliners, is clearly not intended to encourage that family to eat things that are better for them, and stop "killing their kids."

    On the contrary, it is more apt to put the entire family off the whole idea, and cause them to decide to enjoy a relatively short life of Big Macs and curly cheese fries than risk having to spend an even longer time on the earthly plane, eating that tofu and bok choi.

    Obviously, it is not rocket science to come up with menus that will USE the established bad habits and food preferences, and create dishes based on those. Hamburgers, for instance, are not the worst food in the world, nor is pizza, the latter actually being one of the Best Known Strategies for committing Stealth Vegetable Infusion into the diet of children, who will eat almost anything if it is chopped up, mixed with marinara sauce, and covered in Mozzarella (a cheese which is available in either all or part-skim versions).

    And to return to the humble hamburger, it does not have to consist of fatty meat fried in more fat, then wrapped in bacon and topped with processed cheese product that contains up to twice the fat and calories of actual cheese!

    I could go on, but you get the idea. They set it up to create these scenes of the parents going "Blechh" and the kids actually spitting the stuff into their plates, which is what most reasonable people would do if served this mess, though hopefully most of us would skillfully and deftly use our napkins, and few fellow diners would be the wiser as to the event that had actually preceded our heartfelt regret that a sudden unforseen emergency obliged us to say an early goodnight...
  7. I understand what you're saying. But, my 7 yr. old loves sushi and she does eat stir fry w/ bok choy and tofu. but, then again we don't eat fast food, high fat food, or processed foods. She has the occasional happy meal (I can't stomach fast food :yucky: ). I think if you bring kids up eating healthy foods, they'll like it.