Honey Spy?


Jan 5, 2006
The honey spy looks great. As a matter of fact the more I look at the more it looks DELICIOUS. But I spoke to the SA at the Fendi store, he told me that I can get more wear with the Cognac because it's more of an all year round color and the honey is more of a spring/summer color.

I would just like to get your opinion on it because before I dish out 2k on a bag, I want to make sure that I can wear that bag ALL YEAR ROUND.
I say the dark brown colour and black are the year around colour. YOu never can go wrong with these two colours. I have the dark brown one and love it. Although I probably is going to wear less of my brown spy during the spring and summer cuz I prefer to wear prob. more light and brighter colour of my other bags.
I think the Honey is stunning. If I had one (hopefully soon) I would use it whenever/wherever I wanted. Just like the girl (sorry forgot name) just posted a pic of her with a white paddy. White in winter is beautiful!
Thanks you guys. I was leaning towards the honey myself. It just looks delicious to me. I originally was thinking the black spy but I thought that black didn't bring the beauty out of the bag like the other colors.
I prefer the Cognac--I just like darker brown better than lighter browns... But I was thinking that if you lived in certain areas, you could use the Honey all-year around, like in CA.
saks.com has the honey spy and 10% off with shopjan. I think the honey will be usable 9 months out of the year and dark brown although beautiful, you need to move out of when the flowers start coming out.