Honey Spy, White Spy, B Bag, or sale Gucci? What do you think?


Fendi white spy.jpg

Fendi B Bag.jpg


Which of these options is the best option for an every day bag that can transition into the fall and withstand changes in fads while still being classy, ladylike, beautiful and impressive. Everyone knows the first two options cost about $2000 each, the third, the Fendi B, nearly that, and the fourth option, a sale Gucci from Fall 05 was originally $1595, sale price $783 and wallet $475, sale $250. (Is the sale bag good enough, or do the spy's and B blow the sale bag out of the water?)

Also, if you like the white spy, is it practical or hard to take care of, and can one wear white in the Fall?

I have also been thinking about finding a Chanel reissue, and if I can, would that be better than all of these?
Probably the honey spy if you are worry about the white hard being to take care of. Actually I have quite a few white bag and I am happy with it and I haven't had any accident or the color turning yellowish. But even my SA said the white will turn into a yellowish color with times (years).
I love the white better becuase of the contrast on the handle and the whole appearance of the bag but prob will use more for spring and summer.
honey spy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i don't actually like the b bag and the gucci seems to be my mother's bag.........but the white spy is a Lady Bag too, so....
you can wear the honey with everything and it's always a fashionable and timeless bag!!!
Honey Spy! I saw both at the Fendi boutique and while the white is pretty (I love the contrast on the handles), I don't see you carrying it into Fall/Winter. With the cost of the bag, I think a year-round bag would be more practicial (unless that's not an issue????) I think the honey is year-round. Also, I bought the honey spy and thought it is even prettier in person than in pictures.
White Spy.

Have you guys seen the Embroidered Spy Bag? I saw this yesterday @ NM and it is to die for. It doesn't look to great in the pics, but it is very beautiful! Sorry totally off subject here ;)