Honey spy question

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  1. I recieved my Honey spy (will post pics later as soon as boyfriend is home to load them onto pc!) and I am a bit puzzled. The colour seems to be darker than I recall the honey being.

    Am I right in thinking that the honey had darker coloured handles and the actual bag was a very light tan? Mine is a a light brown all over. On the box it came in it says 'borsa spy' and under colour it states: 'nero' :oh:

    Also, on the black fendi card inside, it says 'borsa spy nappa'. I rang Fendi and they said all honeys are this colour, but I am sure mine is darker than any honey I have seen?

    Can someone please confirm for me?
  2. My Honey Spy says "Naturale" under color on the card. Does yours look like this?
  3. Mine says: Borsa spy nappa nuvolata/naturale+oro+pallad.
    Your's definitely looks more lighter than mine!
    I have just posted pics of mine on a new thread.