Honey or Camel same thing?

  1. I am very new here. I just ordered a spy in camel from Neiman Marcus. Is this the same color as Honey? I am so confused!!!:blink:
  2. Same thing.
    You're gonna love the bag!!!!!
  3. purseaholic,

    Honey and camel are actually two different colors.

    Camel is also known as butterscotch and bone (originally released SS 05).

    Honey is also known as tan and naturale (originally released SS 06).

    Here's a pictorial guide for you to compare the two compiled by a good tfs friend of mine:

  4. Actually the answer to the original question is yes and no.

    The bag that is on the Neiman Marcus website listed as camel is actually the honey colored one.
    Neiman Marcus DOES not call their bags the same thing that the Fendi store does.

    There was a camel bag that came out last year but that is not the one that is on Neimans website. The old camel color is not available anymore.

    If you just ordered it from Neimans a few days or even weeks ago then you are getting the honey one. Neimans just calls it Camel for some strange reason.

    Just had to clarify because I don't want you to get confused.
    It definitly is the honey. No worries. Promise.

    I know you were trying to help. But neimans is not currently selling the old Camel spy that you're referrng to . She is definitly getting the honey one. Its the only one they have right now. They just call it camel on the web.
  5. Thank you all for clarifying that up for me! I am so excited! I can't wait for it to arrive on Tuesday!:biggrin: coming here and seeing all the pics is my new obsession. So nice to see others get just as excited about a bag as me!!!