Honey, I'm home

  1. Miss me? :nuts:
  2. Ohhhh I think we ALL did (especially me!!!!). Now things will get back in place!!!
  3. Welcome back Mr. PB ! :biggrin:
  4. Welcome back!!!! we all missed you..hope you had a good vacation!
  5. Yay! Welcome Back! :biggrin: I hope, for the most part, you got to enjoy your Vacation.
  6. YAY! Welcome back :]
  7. Welcome back!!
  8. Welcome back! Hope you had a nice vacation.

    Okay, now that you are back is someone going to tell us what happened? :unsure:
  9. Hail the return of King Vlad! Your absence has left us minions in a frenzied state of confusion
  10. Welcome back! Hope you had a nice vacation!
  11. Your Majesty is back!!! (and in one piece!!!)
    Welcome :biggrin:
  12. of course we missed you, glad you're back!
  13. Welcome home....unfortunately it's not like you were gone that much anyway LOL. We're glad you're home safe!
  14. Welcome back, Vlad! Hope you had a good vacation!
  15. glad you're back, Vlad!