1. Ok, Honestly...who buys their make-up from Wal-mart, Target, Kmart, Etc...??

    Ill admit it, I buy L'Oreal True Match and LOVE it!
    I also buy a lot of the Physicians Formula brand.

    Anyone else?? Any suggestions for great, cheap make-up??
  2. I buy Covergirl mascara! lol
  3. I'll go one step further....I've even bought a cheap tank top there before because I was strapped for cash and desperately needed it for the gym. It actually held up pretty well.

    I buy make up there all the time. It's cheap and I don't have a lot of money since I'm still in college and don't have a job. Usually my mom will pick it up for me and every once in a while I'll splurge and go to Ulta to get my stuff. I just dropped a ton of money for an Everyday Minerals kit but still went to WalMart to get myself a Mascara :smile:

    Oh and as for suggestions, Rimmel is verrrrry inexpensive but their products are nice. I love their eye gloss. I always get the metallic eye colors and they add just the right touch to my eyeshadow.
  4. I shop for makeup at Target...it's inexpensive and works the same as other higher priced makeup lines.
  5. I buy Maybelline's eyemakeup remover ( been using this for many many years) !
  6. I always try around when it comes to make-up and have to say some brands really surprised me :nuts:

    I don't know how international they are but there's this brand called "Essence" available here in Germany and I absolutely swear by their "Sky Scraper Mascara" which costs the shocking sum of 2.49€


    lol, I'm always switching between that and my Chanel one :p
  7. omg!!
    i ONLY buy make-up from those places..
    (whoa that makes me sound cheap & poor)
    oh well i love those stores....
    i buy "Wet & Wild" products..
  8. I get most of my makeup at Long's Drugs.

    I wear Cover Girl Advanced Radiance foundation, Revlon concealer, CG Fantastic Lash mascara, Almay Touchpad blush, Maybelline Mousse blush, Almay eyeshadow, Revlon lipstick, LOL, well, you get the idea. :amuse:

    I used to use Chanel and LaPrairie, but I wanted to cut back on spending and just did not want to spend $50.00 on LP lipstick (I think that's what it cost, it's been a few years since I used it)

    Some things I have spent a little more $ on: Bobbie Brown and Laura Mercier powder blushes, and the BB Shimmer block and LM Shimmer brick highlighters.
    The pigments on these are so rich you only need a little bit so they last a long time. Even though I love the Almay blush, I have to replace it often.
  9. I don't, b/c alot of drugstore brands still seem to test on animals.

    That being said, I do love my St. Ive's Apricot Scrub :smile:
  10. Since I am a sucker for ANY new mascara that promises lashes longer, thicker, fabulous like no other, I tend to buy most of mine from Target. Rimmel just came out with a really good one. I have never been to a Walmart though.

  11. Is that the one that's kinda black and hot pink with a weird plasticky brush?!?! :confused1: I saw that and was wondering whether it was any good :p
  12. Its actually red and black tube. I think its called Magnif-Eye.
  13. I mostly like designer makeup brands like: Christian Dior, (Love their Ultra Gloss lip gloss!), Bobbi Brown, MAC, and Chanel. But if I need to get a lot of makeup I'll buy drug store makeup. A good majority of my makeup is drug store makeup. I have a lot of makeup and I'd say over half of it is from Target or Wal-Mart. My fav. drug store brands are Revlon, (I love their Super Luxorious lip gloss, its shiny and beautiful!) Rimmel, and Max Factor.
  14. I'd say mine is about half and half. I really like LOreal and Covergirl mascara (particularily the CG 'Professional' mascara) and Alpha Hydrox products as well.
  15. I mix and match, i've found that a lot of the drugstore type brands do make very good products and especially when im trying something completely new or different i dont feel bad throwing it away if i dont like it. I recently started using Maybelline mascara, and i like it.