Honestly.. WTF?

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  1. Alright seriously.

    I had a buyer buy a shirt from me for $5.74 [Not much I know!] In the auction, I CLEARLY state CONFIRMED ADDRESSES ONLY.

    So I get on ebay today to see that my shirt has sold. The buyer sends me a msg saying "You're pp wont let me pay with an unconfirmed addy. please change it."

    WTF??!!!!:cursing: Thats why it said what it said.

    I can not believe how stupid people are. honestly. Its like, NO I WILL NOT CHANGE IT FOR YOU!

    What should I do? Just let her pay or make her send MO? I hate to wait for a MO for $5.74 [well plus shipping!]!!!! UGH! :tdown:
  2. Depends on how important this is to you. If you waver, you might as well ditch that policy altogether.

    75% of my ebay sales over past 5 yrs are to unconfirmed addresses all over the world, I never had a problem. Problems arose only from buyers with US confirmed addresses.
  3. Because the item is so cheap I don't think you should have a problem. Try telling her that because her address in unconfirmed you have to charge extra for signature confirmation.
  4. I just accepted the payment. All I ever want is a smooth transaction, and true, its not that much, so hopefully it wont bite me in the arse.

    I had an auction end earlier and the person didnt read the full auction. She only had 7 fb and I require a msg with 10 or less positive fb. I mean dont people read? Jeez. Its simple things that can be avoided. Thanks for letting me vent.
  5. sometimes we just need to vent ;). She probably isn't too aware of these stipulations as she is relatively new....But it is annoying when people dont follow directions:mad:
  6. Even expert shoppers on ebay don't read everything in the ad, especially for low value items, trust me!
  7. Oh, this is so common and pisses me off all the time! :mad: How difficult is it to comprehend those simple things?
  8. or when people ask you dumb questions regarding the item when you CLEARLY stated it in your listing..sometimes Im just not in the mood to deal with those kinds of questions
  9. I think I would let it go as it is a small amount. But I would let this person know this is a one time exception and they should confirm their address for future purchases, its easy, takes litle time and saves everyone a lot of hassle.
  10. You have been very very lucky!! Unless it's very little money or worth very little to me, I can't imagine. I've not had any problems selling with charge backs etc, but that's only because I go with ALL of the bells and whistles for my protection. I'd inevitably get the nuts and scammers.
  11. I agree with chipmunk. Most of my buyers are unconfirmed addresses I just confirm the address with them before sending out their item.