Honestly... Male Or Female???

  1. I need some honest opinions here PRETTY PLEASE. I own the LV Bosphore Pm and have only carried it a few times, the more I look at it the more I think it may be meant for a male or should I say look better on a guy. Can you guys and gals give me your HONEST thoughts on this one? I would be ever so thankful if you would just post a comment to be me out.
    HUGS :flowers:
  2. I honestly think it looks just fine on a woman
  3. My sister loves hers and i think she looks fine carrying it.

  4. I meant HELP me out...lol :upsidedown::lol:
  5. I think because it's so small... it looks great on a woman! One of the problems with bags is that people feel uncomfortable carrying them or whatever because they may be designed for "Male or Female." The Bosphore line is actually versatile... since nearly every product is listed in both the male and female section. Messenger bags have been debated on for years... If you think it looks nice on you, then keep it. If you don't love it... get something you like. Perhaps the Pochette Bosphore! :smile:
  6. My favorite SA says it's her favorite bag. It looks so cute on her. I think women can carry pretty much any lv and look great!
  7. Nutz--I just ordered this bag on Saturday--it should be here tomorrow! I cannot wait for it! BTW--I'm FEMALE!!!
  8. Actually, it was your photos of you wearing the bag when you got it that made me really start wanting it.

  9. OH, THANK YOU... That is making me feel better. I do love it but am wanting to know what everyone thinks because guys have it too. CONGRATS on yours, let me/us know when U get it.
  10. I think a female or male can rock this bag.

    I'm a female and I'd definitely wear it if I had it.

    Its gorgeous .... :tup:
  11. I agree, I think the bosphore line is suitable for both sexes and anyone can definitely rock it! As already said, it looks cute on you!

  12. Thank you :heart::flowers:
  13. :shame: Thank u so much!!!