Honestly! Dont you think I'm a little crazy ?

  1. check this out coach sisters/brothers!

    My hubby bought me a mandy in the color black for valentines day.
    This is going to be my third mandy,& I'm feeling a little predictable.

    Your honest thoughts,please.

    Your Fan,
    Cha Cha
  2. a little crazy never hurt anybody. :p
  3. Like i've told kallison and many many others- if you find a bag that works for you and is your ideal bag- buy it in every color!
  4. sooo..does that mean, if i love the carly whenever it comes, i have permission to buy more than one?

  5. Cha cha, I have three Legacy Shoulder Zips: black leather, khaki signature and black signature. Plus, I have one in whiskey on my eBay watch list. So, if you're a little crazy then I am A LOT crazy! :upsidedown:
  6. All of them! :yahoo:
  7. NO!!!

    You don't even have permission for 1!!!:hysteric:
  8. i'll be good...

    i never thought i would like the carly...but, oh my, it's a deceptively roomy bag! we kept adding stuff into the large one in the store and i was SO happy it fit so much! i think i want a smaller one in black...
  9. I think you are perfectly sane! Get the bag in every color! lol
  10. If you love it that's what matters. Now you have one to match all your outfits! ;)
  11. I have the shoulder zip in 2 colors and if I could I'd get it in another color or two! I don't think it's crazy at all!
  12. WOW!:wtf:
  13. ;) Nothing wrong with goin' a little Coach crazy! Like others have mentioned, when you find something that works for you - get it in multiple colors!
  14. Does your husband have a single brother?:graucho:

    Seriously, the Mandy is an AWESOME bag. I think it's great, they are all so different! If it works for you than GREAT!
  15. That's so cool cha-cha! I think it's great, because if you really love the bag, then get it in all the colors you love. :yes: I have 3 of the legacy shoulder bag's and I :heart: :heart: :heart: them all! I've got them in whiskey, black, and pond. When you find the one style bag that just works for you, I say go for it. :p