Honestly, does birkin go grocery shopping?

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  1. I tried to imagine carrying a non-H bag on the crook of my elbow all day to see what it would be like to carry a birkin in the future. Did pretty well all day, except for grocery shoppping! When I leaned over to grab produce to put in plastic bags, my bag bumped into wet produce. When I leaned over to put the groceries on the checkout belt, my bag just got in the way so I had to do empty the cart one-handed. Finally, when I put the grocery bags in the trunk, the bag leaned on my dirty car bumper. Pretty frustrating.

    Wondering who out there actually goes grocery shopping with their birkin. Honestly!
  2. I understand. Same for trying to wash one's hands in the ladies room whilst trying to keep the B from getting wet.

    I've taken B to the grocery store but she acted up so I try to take Kelly or my weekend/go to the store Vera Bradley shoulder bag.

  3. kind of like when my son tries to pull the locks off my bags or throws candy wrappers in..............
  4. I do, all the time; I'm only careful with my Vache Naturelle b/c if that gets wet, I'd have a nervous breakdown!!LOL!:p
  5. Kim-mac...your post is so timely. I was just trying to buy bean sprouts yesterday at the market when my Birkin went swinging into the wet produce. I was a bit irritated at having to stop putting the sprouts into the plastic bag and just set my bag on the ground. I wasn't using a grocery cart though and was using a handheld basket--probably should have used a cart...when I do it's not so much of a problem as I plop the bag in the small compartment of the cart.
  6. I pretty much always use a cart -- it's my bag holder!!
  7. If you have a Birkin in a sturdier leather like togo or epsom you don't worry about the wet romaine hitting your bag. BTW, NEVER leave a handbag of any sort sitting in the grocery cart. This is a fastest way to have it and/or your wallet taken.That goes for small towns too!
  8. ok, so maybe i shouldn't be so anal to put my purse in the cart. the bag i was experimenting with is white so i was hesitant about setting it in the cart or on the ground. one member suggested a longchamp bag. just keep it in the car and plop the whole bag in when you need it. i don't know if i can stand getting a bag that needs another bag though.
  9. thank god for those feet on the bags!
  10. It is a dilemma. I have gotten the hang of keeping the 35 Birkin in the crook of my arm without having it swing into things but it takes effort. I never put it, or any other H bag for the matter, in the cart. I usually opt for a different bag when marketing, like some lightweight Chapelier nylon number.
  11. Never to the grocery store for me! (Only if I went to the pristine Fresh Market)

    My gorcery store is so HUGE and it takes me easily 1 1/2 hours to finish. A bag on the crook of my arm just does not work. Plus, I am always picking up heavy items. I don't want to worry about one of my gorgeous bags.

    Hermes needs to make a stylish up-to-date hobo or something.
  12. Mine does! If I'm reaching over for something, though, I either switch arms, or rest my bag on the cart for a moment (although never out of sight or arm's length).

    (they need to make one)
  14. Leave the Birkin locked up in the car and just take your atm card and keys. Or send your DH to the store. Even better--eat out.
  15. I think any of the shoulder models like a Masai or Trim will work. I consider my Trim to be my most casual bag for shopping at the hardware store, etc. But I have to say that I have taken my 30cm gold togo Birkin to Home Depot and Costco:smile: In fact, where I live, you seen Hermes and very expensive cars at Costco:smile: Everyone loves a bargain...leaves more $$$ to spend on handbags:smile: