HONEST TRUTH! what do you think of this COAT!!! Don't know If I should return it...

  1. By Marciano.......


    I loved it when I bought it, however the collar is kind of weird if i dont button it up all the way!!! ahhhh...this is $278.00 .... maybe I should get a new one? what do you guys think?

    Oh I forgot to add the details to the coat:

    Sherry Wool Coat

    A sophisticated coat in luxurious winter wool. Ruched, shawl collar. Double breasted button closure. Darted for fit. Leather belt at natural waist. Two on-seam pockets. A sexy option for seasonal style.

    • 63% wool, 24% polyester, 13% cashmere
    • Professionally clean
    • Domestic and/or imported
  2. sounds like you don't love it as much now, plus it's not cheap, i think you should return it and get something you really love
  3. thank's for replying.......well yeah I haven't even used it and i bought it about 3 weeks ago (getting close to the 30 day return policy!)...However I have trouble trying to find the PERFECT Coat.....
  4. have you heard of soia & kyo coats? i got one at revolveclothing, they are really cute and very well made. if you use the code jt, they apply 15% off. they also do free shipping.
  5. ooh i haven't .. i'll go check out the website now..thanks!!
  6. wow really cute coats.....alot of the small sizes are gone!!!
  7. Armanigirl, I think we might have similiar taste... and I don't like it that much, sounds like you don't either. I'd return it and keep looking.
  8. I actually like it a lot. But if you're not 100% in love, take it back.
  9. I love it, but if you don't, just take it back.
  10. I agree. It doesn't matter if we like it or not the fact that you're not 100% sold on it and it seems like as the days go on you'll probably like it less because you want something that buttons up - return. You'll find something! :smile:
  11. yeah you're right... well i thought it was SOO CUTE & i loved it that's why i decided to spend almost $300 on it but after a while i didn't like it as much anymore... i think i didn't notice the collar until after i bought it..
  12. ITA :smile:
  13. I love the collar, but the belt loops are a bit frumpy for my taste. This is a great season for coats, return it and get something you like better.
  14. i love it love it love it for me, but if you dont feel the same id return it. maybe wait and see if they mark it down in a few months :tup:
  15. I think it's a great coat, but if the collar bugs you, then I'd return it. Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable or annoyed with your clothing.