Honest Review of Korean Liposuction


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Sep 26, 2019
Hello all!
I decided to write this here because while in my search for the best place to get liposuction, I got a lot of conflicting information online. I am not endorsed to being compensated for this review so I will tell you what the experience was like for me. :smile:

After having children and bouncing from diet to diet, my body looked like it came out of war... a sad war from body dysmorphia, hormones, and a host of other issues. Of course, plastic surgery is a personal choice and I really wanted to get it after I got post partum depression and no amount of work outs or diets would help.
I did my research. I'm not very good at Korean and I wanted to find a clinic with an English translator as well as a reputable past with minimal to no hiccups. The latter part of my search really narrowed it down as these clinics and hospitals tend to get slapped with a lot of lawsuits. I also looked up how much the US allowed for fat removal and did not want to go over that because sometimes I feel like in the search for beauty things get a little dangerous. I wanted the more slim Asian standard of beauty figure instead of the American "glam" figure, hence why I decided on a Korean clinic.
I decided on Pretty Body Clinic in Gangnam due to many reasons. I'll try to list them out.
1) Fluent English speakers (which was a must for me)
2) 20 years + of no incidents
3) Actual results
4) Well priced
5) Very upfront and honest
I'll go more in detail. I wanted to get a full body liposuction (arms, legs, stomach), and boy, let me tell you, I got a full body lipo. It's only been a few days and I'm noticing an immediate change. The doctor worked with what I wanted and he was honest with what he could do for me. Because liposuction does not target the fat underneath the muscle and I had a lot of muscle, the doctor told me to be aware of this. The English translators also told me, with quite a lot of honesty, how much pain there would be and were with me every step of the way. I swear every time I went under anesthesia and woke up, they were there. When I went to sleep, they were the last people I talked to and saw. They were the first I would see when I woke up. It was comforting!
Everyone was so patient and understanding. With other clinics I visited and talked to, they just wanted to procedure done and rushed me out of the consultation if they got the inkling that I was probably not going to use their clinic. With PBC, I talked to them for 6 months over Kakao and they never were rude or confrontational about me just asking questions.

Please be careful out there as there are many a nutcase doctor and please be careful with your body because health is wealth !
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Oct 17, 2019
thank you for your review, i was wondering if you experienced any bad side effects from the full body lipo? How long it took you to recover. Do you also hv some b&a photos? :smile:

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Apr 7, 2021
Thanks for the review ! Was there a gap between the price the consultant gave you and the one you got during the f2f consultation? By that I mean, did they raise the price?


May 28, 2020
Don't they normally give you a discount if you come for f2f consultation?
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