Honest opinions please! - Silverado Hobo

  1. I just bought my first Chloe bag. It is a Gold medium Silverado Hobo ordered from Bergdorf Goodman. Originally $1455 and I got it for $728! I'm thinking this is a fantastic deal and I'd like to know what others think. I do love the look of the bag and I like metallics. Is it well worth what I paid? Thanks!
  2. If you love it- relax and ENJOY your find :flowers:
  3. I bought the Chamois Silverado Hobo from BG for 50% off as well, and I LOVE the bag. I say keep it and enjoy!
  4. :true: From your post it sounds like you love it jazz! Don't worry what anyone else thinks, you have to be happy! That's all that matters! :yes::heart:
  5. I love the colour and the shape.........Enjoy!
  6. OMG you got a killer deal! If you love it - KEEP it. It's BEAUTIFUL!
  7. When I go to the bergdorfgoodman site I cannot find any Chloe bags on sale??? Can you show me where you found yours??
  8. It was on this page: Sale*Handbags*-*BergdorfGoodman.com

    I keep it bookmarked and check it frequently. You never know what will pop up, but I think they only have like 1 or 2 of some bags in stock and they sell out immediately.
  9. What an amazing deal! It's gorgeous! What's not to love! Just enjoy her in the best of health!
  10. i have this style in chocolate and love how easy it is to carry. congrats on an amazing deal!
  11. I LOVE IT!!!! soooo worth it!
  12. This will a great bag for the holiday season especially!!

    Are you loving it Jazz?
  13. It is gorgeous!!! I am a HUGE silverado fan :yahoo: I own three!!!
  14. Not my style but I totally agree with hmwe46. Enjoy your new bag!
  15. I could never pull it off but if YOU like it and got an amazing deal (which you *did) then that's all that matters. Congrats!
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