Honest Opinions, Please! MJ versus Chloe

  1. OK - I know where I'm at (the MJ forum!) & I purposely posted here instead of the Chloe forum. My heart belongs to MJ - he will always be my 1st & most fav handbag designer, but I'm sure like most of you I do have other designers in my closet.

    I purchased a Chloe Paddington several years ago from a friend of mine - the bag is a gorgeous Khaki color from one of the very early releases. I actually haven't used it in quite sometime for two reasons, (1) the weight of the bag (sure I can take off the lock, but then it looses its appeal!) and (2) becuz I've bought so many other newer bags.

    My SA at our Nordstrom Rack called me this morning - Still not an MJ in site, but she does have this gorgeous Chloe Paddington Capsule in the most amazing color of green ("Laurier"). It comes with all the hardware - lock & key included. The original price was $1995 - they have it on sale for $499.97!!

    Now, I've been watching the petrol blue Stam on eBay - I still think it's going to end higher than I really can pay right now. I'm also still hoping that one of the Rack stores will get in something MJ soon (seems almost every other Rack is getting SOMETHING good in!!).

    My dilemma - Should I just get the Capsule & forget about the Petrol Blue Stam (hopefully, another will come along someday, plus I did just get a Topaz Stam!) or should I hold out hope that the petrol doesn't go much higher and/or something MJ shows up at the Rack soon?? My other dilemma is this - is the color of the Capsule to close (similar) to my Paddy?

    Here are pics of both my Paddy and the Capsule (sorry, I don't have good pics of my own Paddy so here's a pic of Nicky Hilton w/hers & the Capsule is "borrowed" from eBay!) Please be honest - don't just say MJ cuz we're all fans. I am a HUGE MJ fan, but I know a great deal when I see one, and I just can't shake the capsule from my mind (in fact, I almost called to tell her I'd pass but then hung up at the last minute!!)

  2. I really like that green color........ I don't like the dangly chain lock though.
    I love the stam, but you have one already..... tough choice. Is that chain thing removeable? Or maybe it can be stuck in the outer pocket? That's the only part of the green paddy I don't like.
  3. well, what am i supposed to say if i can't say mj?!

    seriously, i used to be obsessed with the chloe. like staring at my whiskey paddington lovingly obsessed. i still admire the design, but the lock is a killer. i could only tolerate it for so long. the new more user-friendly chloe designs are nice, but they don't do anything for me the way 2005-2006 chloe designs did (paddington, edith).

    i know i'm not allowed to say it, but i still pick the stam. sure, you already have a blue-ish stam, but who says you can't have the same bag in different colors? i have two venetias, two bbags, and i'll probably have two stams myself by year's end. that petrol stam is unbelieveable and stupidly gorgeous. it's expensive, but it's beautiful, so i have to go with mj and not just because i'm (relatively) loyal.
  4. You know, I was thinking the exact same thing - that's why I haven't parted w/my Khaki Paddy. It's actually one of the first ones (before they started changing the leather, hardware, etc) so it's amazingly soft but yes, that darned lock is so big and heavy & adds about 5 pounds to the bag!!!

    That's actually why I was thinking maybe the capsule would be nice, but I'm not 100% sold on the chain/padlock either. To be honest, I haven't even looked at a Chloe for quite some time (I did look at one "traditional" Paddy on the sale table a few months back & I was amazed at how much lighter it was then mine, but it wasn't $499!!), so I don't know how it looks IRL. I did some searching within the Chloe thread, and found some posts about this bag w/pics and it does look kinda nice.

    I do love that color though - it's a very unusual shade of green. I think that's whats drawing me in & making it hard to resist - the color more than the style
  5. the other thing I keep going over in my mind - - finding this bag at $495 is like finding a Stam at $350!! How many of us would pass that up -- no matter what the color was?!?!
  6. I'm just not a fan of the Chloe paddington or paddington-like bags which for me, this bag is. So I vote for MJ! However, I also believe in spending more for bags I truly love and no longer buying ANYTHING just because it's a good deal.

    So, to me, it all depends on the true reason why you want to buy this bag.
  7. you can always get the chloe then return it after the auction if it doesnt go too high. if its as heavy as the paddington then id wait though. it seems like youd rather have an mj. i say wait for the thing you really really want.
  8. honestly, I have never been a fan of the chloe bags.. while this is a beautiful color, I don't think you should get it just because it's on sale. go with your heart and get the one you LOVE!
  9. The Chloe is meh, just meh(who used this the other day?)

    I really think you are going to get tired of it though. I think they look weirdly floppy too.
    The Petrol stam is really TDF AND HTF:love:

    Don't buy the Chloe just because its on sale:sad:.
  10. you know my answer...petrol stam for sure. the chloe doesn't do anything for me. I don't really like the luggage tags on the front that say chloe. and the padlock thing is getting old for me. but a stam...I will never tire of her! need I remind you of the gorgeous dark burgundy suede :drool:
  11. That's a good idea since you never know how the auctions will go. I'm not a fan of the paddingtons nor am I a fan of stams, so my opinion isn't going to help. But you should get what you really want.
  12. You are in the MJ forum, after all! LOL! Well, I love the Petrol Stam. I do. It is beautiful. I also love the Topaz Stam. It's equally gorgeous. I think the Chloe is really nice, too. I really like green, though. I agree that you shouldn't just buy a bag because it is a great deal. If you truly think you will use the Chloe and you aren't just getting it because it is a good deal, go for it. It just depends on what you want/need.
  13. I'm not a big fan of paddy - the only chloe I want at this moment is a bay hobo. Petrol blue Stam is attempting, but if I have a Topaz Stam already, I won't go for the petrol blue either. Maybe it's just me- I don't buy a bag I already have in a different color again.
  14. Also have never been a fan of the paddington, the colour is really pretty, but the chain and the lock noooooooooooooo
  15. I also don't care much for Chloe, and don't think you should buy it just because it's a great deal (that is, unless you wanted to turn around and sell it on eBay?). Then again, when I can't get a bag out of mind, there is usually a reason, and it drives me nuts until I buy it, so maybe you should go ahead and buy it, knowing that there's a chance you might return it or resell it on ebay?